Rollback - A social backup tool.

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Rollback is a simple and intuitive social backup application. You can create multiple backup jobs with a few mouse clicks and even schedule it to automatically backup.



Related Projects


N2 is a lightweight CMS framework that helps you build great web sites that anyone can update. Web content editors can enjoy a simple and enpowering web interface. Developers will benefit from a programmer friendly API that makes building web sites quick and fun. N2 is focused on removing redundant steps when working with content types and ASPX templates. All of development is done within visual studio.


dotCMS is one of the fastest growing open source enterprise content management systems in the world. Twice recognized by Packt Publishing, and downloaded by tens of thousands of people, dotCMS is the choice for enterprise web CMS.

Data Storm

When testing using a database with rollback after each test, failing tests are very hard to resolve. Data Storm is a simple DB viewer directly launchable from within your test code to enable you to inspect the current state of the database.


RECODER is a Java framework for Java program analysis and source code transformation. It computes an easy to use syntactic and semantic program model containing cross references, and it supports transformation rollbacks and incremental model updates.

Wondercap - Capistrano-based deployment system

Wondercap features: Several extensions to Capistrano that can be especially useful while working with a number (>3) of projects with similar deployment configurations. A set of classes and recipes that allow deployment of a number of projects with dependencies management, rollback, custom deployment steps and so on.

Twinkle-js - Twinkle Wikipedia Userscript

Twinkle is a set of JavaScripts that gives registered users several new options to assist them in common Wikipedia maintenance tasks and to help them deal with acts of vandalism. It provides users three types of rollback functions and includes a full library of speedy deletion functions, user warnings, pseudo-automatic reporting of vandals, and much much more.

Web-deployer - gwt based application to assist with automated deployements to an application server

The intent is to force a deployment process to allow developers to deploy applications to an application server in different environments. Goals: - minimal dependencies; simple deployment to application server; should aid in future deployments - keep it simple Features: - forces build from project svn - forces labeling during build for roll-back strategy - handles variable substitution for web.xml during build for an environment - intend to force deployment by label for production pushes instead

Mojomojo - A fast and flexible web space with powerful photo support and a friendly user interfae

Based on Catalyst and the DBIx::Class ORM, MojoMojo lets you build fully structured web-sites, and supports a powerful pluggable syntax with support for RSS, Amazon Web Services, and http includes out of the box, and your choice of the Markdown or the Textile as the standard text formatter of the wiki. Being fully database driven, the wiki has no problems supporting versioning, rollbacks and diffs for all nodes. No history needs to be lost. You can also use folkonomies to tag both text nodes and

Xmlhandler - Xml Handler.NET is a library to help developers to store data as XML-file.

Xml Handler.NET is a library to allow developers to store data as XML-file with out knowledge of XML concepts. Precisely saying, it can act as a middle layer to support Add, Select (with condition), Insert, Update, and Delete operations with Commit and Rollback. Additionally we can set field to DataType, AutoIncrement and KeyField. Actually, the operations are handled by the DataSet, finally stored it as XML file. So, you can expect most of the operations suppoerted by DataSet here. XML Handler.

Private-briefcase - Securely store your private files in one place

- Features : - it keeps all your private files in one place, on HDD, in one portable container; - each file has its own metadata like: description, tags, etc; - files are compressed with zlib 6 or bz2 9 and optionally encrypted with AES 256, using the global database password, or a separate password; - you can add the same file several times. All changes are versioned and you can rollback anytime; - files can be added one by one, or multiple at the same time; - you can export one, or all files;