Rockin' Out With Rockets

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Rockin' Out With Rockets is a rocket launching system for amateur rocketry (Estes type rockets).



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An Open Source model rocket simulator.

lincity - a city simulation game

Lincity is a city simulation game. Build your city up from a primitive village to an advanced civilization. Build a sustainable economy, or build rockets to escape from a pollution ridden and resource starved planet.


A conforming Objective-C WebSocket client library.

Jplanets Game

Jplanets is a simple game for one or two players. Every player has a starship, between the ships there are three planets. The goal is to shoot and destroy the other starship launching a rocket that obey the gravity laws.


A game with vehicle physics and a landscape engine. It now has a first-person mode with rocket launcher which can deform the terrain. It also has a vehicle that can be driven. The landscape engine uses variable Level-Of-Detail with geomipmapping.


Drivers and libraries for the Xbox Kinect device on WIndows, Linux, and OS X

Comtrol Rocketport

The Rocketport driver provides a loadable kernel module for Comtrol RocketPort ISA/PCI and RocketModem cards. Please visit to acquire the latest release.


Rbmake is both a library of routines and a set of command-line utilities that enables a user to transform content into Rocket Ebook format (.rb) files and back again (unencrypted files only). Compatible with the Rocket Ebook and the REB 1100.


BitRocket is a Native BitTorrent client for Mac OS X. At the heart of it's core resides the powerful libtorrent BitTorrent library. BitRocket is aimed to be a good alternative to other Mac OS X BitTorrent clients.

rocket_pants - API building tools on top of ActionController. Also, an awesome name.

API building tools on top of ActionController. Also, an awesome name.

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