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RoboZZle is an addictive robot-programming puzzle game, available at This project contains a part of the server-side RoboZZle code.



Related Projects

Robozzlesolver - Solver for RoboZZle game puzzles.

RoboZZle is a set of puzzles where you should develop programs for a small robot to help it collect all the stars on the puzzle field using specialized programming language. Robot control language is very simple, but with instruction count limited and recursion allowed puzzles become very challenging. Small amount of instructions and program length limit make it possible to construct an automatic solver for puzzles based on backtracking. The purpose of this project is to develop application for

Robozzle-Cracker - A Robozzle Brute-Force Cracker.

A Robozzle Brute-Force Cracker.

Zolver - Automatic Robozzle solver.

Automatic Robozzle solver.

zlej-rob - RoboZZle solver

RoboZZle solver

robozzle-js-kata - My javascript implementation of the robozzle kata

My javascript implementation of the robozzle kata

RoboZZle - RoboZZle solution validator

RoboZZle solution validator


A remake of robozzle in javascript using the HTML 5 canvas tag.