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RoboRepo allows an admin to generate a summary of multiple Microsoft Robocopy logs, including appended log files. The summary data can be previewed before exporting to a raw CSV file for further processing in excel etc.



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Syncqueue - .net library to execute background syncronous operation for WinForms applications

A non-visual replacement for the standard BackgroundWorker component that allows for queuing, waiting for multiple operations to complete, lambda expressions, and some other minor things.

Do Work in Background Thread to Keep GUI Responsive

Demonstrate simple example of using BackgroundWorker class to do work on a background thread and then update the GUI in a thread-safe manner.

Finding all factors

this is a simple Winform application for finding all factors or divisors of a given number. i think is a simple example for learning how to work with essential backgroundWorker class .

circular-progress - Circular progress widget, dependency-free and configurable.

Circular progress widget, dependency-free and configurable.


RoboZip combines MS Robocopy and Zip-functionality. Create a job and RoboZip will zip all files (from a list of filetypes) within a time span in the past. The zip file name can contain date and time values of the time period it covers. It's developed in C#. The zip component i...

TaskScheduler ASP.NET

Simple Example of how to schedule tasks in ASP.NET. works in WebForms, MVC and others, dont need requests or infinite loops. provides full control over the task


A PowerShell "clone" of the famous "ROBOCOPY" tool. In fact I've adapted the funcionality of "robocopy" in PowerShell to provide you and myself a "robust file copy" tool.

Exercise BackgroundWorker Sample

This exercise project is used to demonstrate the usage of the BackgroundWorker class in .Net 2 to implement a multi-threaded WinForms.

Robocopygui - Robocopy GUI

Project to further the development of Robocopy GUI.

RoboCopy Integration Pack

The RoboCopy Integration Pack brings the robocopy's functionality into orchestrator's UI.