font-problems - command-line tool for generating PSF font files from BMP files

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"Header file" format is a C header file describing the character height, the glyph cell data, and a table of offsets. All glyphs must be the same height, but they can be different widths (proportional fonts). The glyph data for character N starts at `offset[N]` (inclusive) and goes through `offset[N + 1]` (exclusive).Each int is a single column of pixels, with the LSB at the top. The columns are listed left-to-right. Having the LSB at the top may seem weird, but it allows for fast decoding if you draw top-to-bottom: each pixel can mask off the lowest bit and then shift right one place.In the BMP file, glyphs that aren't as wide as the cell should be pushed up against the left edge. Font-problems will detect the whitespace on the right edge, and remove it.



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