Radiology Mangment System

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Our project is MIS for Radiology department in hospitals or Radiology centers



Related Projects


Fast batch audio processor for automatic loudness adjustment and audio files splitting. The software automatically normalizes a batch of files to a given RMS volume, and can split tracks in several ones by detecting low level chunks. It embeds : - a limiter, - an Automatic Gain Control, - a 3 bands semi-parametric equalizer, - a noise gate, - preset management. RMS normaliser works on 3 bands to reduce quot;pumping effectquot;.


comtorJ2ME is a library that simplifies J2ME software development. This is a set templates (java interfaces) that encapsulates Form , List and Canvas frecuent initilizations. Includes other useful classes RMS , StringTokenizer ,HttpConnection

Phproadmap - Roadmap Management System

A Software Roadmap Management System (RMS) written in PHP.

Jmelib - Advanced library for j2me applications

jmelib library currently contains such feature as logging, rms file system, xml parser.

Ixora-rms - A visualization tool for monitoring data, with declarative customization capabilities.

IxoraRMS is a tool for visualizing monitoring data. It is written in Java and has a Swing GUI. As part of my job I am involved in performance testing and I felt the need for a tool with the following characteristics: quick to deploy able to provide rich amounts of monitoring data able to automatically update the customized data views when the topology changes and able to customize the following aspects by writing none or very little code: adding new monitoring agents data visualization adding co

Basejme - Reusable components for JME / MIDP2 applications

BaseJMEis a set of reusable components based in some few design patterns to construct mobile applications in Java. It contains a MVC-like structure, GUI components and the DAO pattern implementation for persistence with RMS. MVCComponent: Common structure to manage the View life cycle and interact with model. PersistentDAO: Persist your Java Beans into RMS. PagableList: A Decorator List class to add pagination through items without state loss. Menu: Composite pattern to create a cascading menu.

Squarefrontier - a project about a small j2me game

a small j2me game based on MIDP 2.0. try to keep the longest survival record in a square with lots of bullets.