Research Information Centre Framework (RIC)

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The Microsoft Research Information Centre (RIC) Framework is a Virtual Research Environment platform designed for scientific collaboration. It extends the Microsoft SharePoint 2007 platform to provide a customized project space that supports the needs of researchers.



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M0n0-backup - m0n0wall Backup Script for multiple firewalls

This is a script to backup multiple m0n0wall boxes automatically. All config options are set in the file. Just set a cron job to perform regular backips. The script can handle http or https connections, and maintain a archive of backup configs. Works with m0n0wall 1.2 and 1.3 Ric

nimrod - Not Invasive MetRics, Oh Dear!

Not Invasive MetRics, Oh Dear!

Envilab - Simulateur des Procédés en Environnement

École de Technologie Supérieure (STEPPE-ÉTS)Département du génie de la constructionL'application donne les outils nécessaires à l'étudiant en construction de modéliser un laboratoire de purification d'eau. Le but est de le familiariser avec le procédé avant de l’exécuter dans un environnement réel. ParticipantsFrédéric Monette, ing., Ph.D. Professeur agrégé Mohamed Outellou, Programmeur Analyste Michael Dubois, Technicien au Laboratoire

Canus - CPU Simulator

Simulate RICS CPU like system

Synthartist - SynthArtist is an editor for creating skins for the Java Synth Look-and-Feel

SynthArtist helps users create synth skins for Java Swing applications. It is an evolution of SynthBuilder from features: - image insets editor - component tree - immediate preview - export all resources to JARFor future work, please see the issues page for planned enhancements.Source:This code was graciously donated by Frédéric Lavigne of The initial check-in was created from a CVS checkout of

La Trobe Templates for VRE – RIC with Active Directory

La Trobe Templates for VRE – RIC with Active Directory

Wordxtract - Words extractor

WordXtract is a text and subtitle parser which shows list of unique words from any plain text or subtitle files. Currently parser supports only English language but it allows to adjust number of settings which may be suitable for other languages. Some words can be excluded according to specified list of words in your dictionary. Words in this list can be single words or phrasal verbs like "back and forth" and etc. Also it allows you to save processed text and list of words. Enjoy! IdeasFew cool

mieric addressBook password protected

MieRic address book is wrote in PERL and holds data via a MYSQL database. Users can add multiple EMAIL, ADDRESS, PHONE, CONTACTS, IMAGE AVATAR and PGP keys as they want. The addressBook is password protected using encrypted cookies using Blowfish encrypt


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