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Its RFID scanner tool




Related Projects

LLRP toolkit

A software toolkit for using the EPCglobal Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) to communicate with conforming RFID readers.

Global Sensor Networks (GSN)

GSN is a middleware (extendible software infrastructure) for rapid deployment and integration of heterogeneous wireless sensor networks. It is tested with Mica2, Mica2Dot, TinyNodes, Wisenode ,Wired amp; Wireless cameras, several RFID readers,...

Rifidi - Connect the Internet of Things

Rifidi is a middleware and development platform for RFID. With Rifidi you can prototype an RFID application down to the core RFID Hardware and using Rifidi Edge you can easily develop business rules to turn RFID events into real business applications.


This project is no longer active. It was an implementation of the Simple Lightweight RFID Reader Protocol that tracked the development of some work in the IETF. That work has since been superceded by the Reader Operations working group in EPCGlobal.

JStreaMon - Java Stream Monitor

JAVA based tool for easy and realtime monitoring (RTM) of data streams or groups of data streams. This tool makes it easy to monitor inherent distributed or multi-threaded applications like e.g. agent systems, financial data, logistics, RFID Systems


sci rfidsci rfidsci rfid

Rfid-eca - ECA based RFID data approach

This is my MTech project on RFID middleware issues in event based action handling.