Restui - A tool to test RESTful webservices

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I was thinking of a name for the application. Earlier when I uploaded I just did with what I called my poroject, but now, since the user base is expanding, I realize that it may not be a good idea. Since RestUI is already name for another project ( So going further, though the project will be hosted here under name restui, the application itself will be called TestRest or TR for short. What do you people think about it? Working on a project that has heavy use and development of RESTful webservices, I realized we don't have any good tool similar to SOAP UI. So I set out to make a simple tool for testing my services. For now it is a very simple Visual HTTP Client. Go ahead and give it a try and report bugs and features you would like to see. You can develop something and commit it back too. It's made in Java SE and developed in Netbeans. I used Matisse to make the UI. You can download the source anonymously from - svn checkout restui-read-only The latest release is available at - You can read more about the release at - Please drop in a line to rohitbrai (AT) gmail (DOT) com if you find it useful :) and also if you find something missing. Mail me with your Google ID and some introduction if you would like to join the project.



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