Project Resistance

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The idea behind Project Resistance is to provide documentation of the entire path of a Windows Mobile application from concept to code to publication in the Marketplace for Windows Mobile.



Related Projects


Encryption plugin for Pidgin, providing up to 4096 bit RSA encryption using the NSS crypto library from Mozilla. Keys are automatically transmitted and stored, making it very easy to use, but also resistant to man-in-the-middle attacks.

Cloud MapReduce -- A MapReduce implementation on Amazon Cloud OS

Cloud MapReduce was initially developed at Accenture Technology Labs. It is a MapReduce implementation on top of the Amazon Cloud OS. Cloud MapReduce has minimal risk w.r.t. the MapReduce patent, compared to other open source implementations, as it is implemented in a completely different architecture than described in the Google paper.


HIVM, An Application for Prediction of HIV Drug Resistance using Support Vector Machine Algorithms


Steghide is a steganography program that is able to hide data in various kinds of image- and audio-files. The color- respectivly sample-frequencies are not changed thus making the embedding resistant against first-order statistical tests.

ARP AntiSpoofer

A utility for detecting and resisting BIDIRECTIONAL ARP spoofing. It can anti-spoof for not only the local host, but also other hosts in the same subnet. It is as well a handy helper for gateways which don't work well with ARP.

ApacheDS - Apache Directory Project

ApacheDS is an embeddable directory server entirely written in Java, which has been certified LDAPv3 compatible by the Open Group. Besides LDAP it supports Kerberos 5 and the Change Password Protocol. It has been designed to introduce triggers, stored procedures, queues and views to the world of LDAP which has lacked these rich constructs.

Ronald - A Domain-Specific Language to study the interactions between malaria infections and drug tr

Malaria kills more than 1 million people a year, mostly children in sub-Saharan Africa. Antimalarial drug resistance is one of the greatest challenges facing malaria control today. Ronald is a Domain-Specific Language to model the fundamental forces driving antimalarial drug resistance including drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, drug regimens and parasite genotypes. Example of applications of this language include the study of the consequences of counterfeit or lower quality drugs, the

Skewreduce - Skew-resistance execution of a distributed job in Hadoop

SkewReduce is a framework to reduce impact of stragglers in a distributed data analysis task. The project provides two components: partition optimizer and runtime. The partition optimizer derives a good partition of input data based on user-supplied cost model of the algorithm and sample input data. The runtime schedules a series of MapReduce job in Hadoop according to the partition plan. For more detail, please refer the paper published in ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing 2010 -- Skew-resistant

Monitoracoes - Sistema de Monitoramento de Ações

Este sistema que realiza o monitoramento de ações levando em consideração os suportes e resistências de todas as ações que compoem o índice Bovespa.