ReSharper PowerToys

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ReSharper PowerToys are plug-ins developed by both the Community and JetBrains for use with ReSharper.



Related Projects

NHibernate - object-relational mapper for .NET

NHibernate is a mature, open source object-relational mapper for the .NET framework. NHibernate is a port of Hibernate Core for Java to the .NET Framework. It handles persisting plain .NET objects to and from an underlying relational database.


Quicktext is a Notepad++ plugin for text substitution with multi field inputs. It's similar to Tab Triggers in TextMate, Resharper/CodeRush in Visual Studio. PLEASE UPDATE Notepad++ v5.4.4 if QuickText isn't functional.

JSLint for Resharper

Adds highlighting of JSLint validation errors to Resharper in Visual Studio.

Reactive Extensions Plugin for Resharper

A Resharper plug-in to help use the Reactive Extension libraries. This has been developed for Resharper version 7.1 and supports the following version of the .N

Vstsunit-resharper - Run VSTS Unit Tests inside ReSharper

This ReSharper plugin adds support for the Unit Testing Framework in Visual Studio Team System (VstsUnit), also known as MSTest.

Resharper-tdd-productivity-plugin - Resharper plugin to enhance productivity using Test Driven Devel

TDD Productivity Plugin for ResharperThis is a plugin for the popular Visual Studio Addin Resharper. This plugin adds additional Context Actions that reduce the keystrokes and mouse clicks required to perform Test Driven Development. The goal of this project is to prototype features which make TDD in Visual Studio easier than the Drag & Drop programing that Visual Studio was designed for. It would be great if these features were rolled into Resharper or Visual Studio. Current Features: 1. Move t

Agentralphplugin - A code clone detection and repair plug-in for ReSharper.

Agent Ralph is primarily a code clone detection and repair tool for C#, delivered as a ReSharper plug-in. It also has a few other odds and ends features not related to code clones specifically, but are useful ReSharper extensions in their own right. Agent Ralph will scan your source code and attempt to identify methods that are functional duplicates of another method. Once a clone is identified Agent Ralph will prompt the user to replace the body of a method with a call to it's clone