Car Rental System

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Car Rental System



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Rent-a-car-system - Ad-hoc work

Rent-a-car management system designed by doofer and nesa

Car-renting - Simple app for car renting..

Application will enable logging of two types of users, operators and customers. Customers will be able to make a reservation, check and update their information and password, and to check their history. Operators will be able to add new cars, delete cars, check out and check in cars, and list all cars and customers and see detailed information about them, and their history of car rentals.


Rent-a-Car EAPLI Project


Rent-a-Car EAPLI Project


Rent-a-Car EAPLI Project

rent-a-car - araç kiralama rent a car

araç kiralama rent a car

10rentacar - Alquiler de coches

Alquiler de coches


Rails client based project. Fits good as a backend for a "rent-a-car" type of site.

rentacar - projecto da disciplina de EAPLI

projecto da disciplina de EAPLI

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