REngine - game engine in Silverlight

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REngine makes it easier for game developers to develop games in Microsoft Silverlight.



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Sony Vaio R-Engine MPEG2 Linux Driver

The goal of this project is to develop a v4l driver for the Sony R-Engine MPEG2 encoder/decoder (aka Fujitsu's MB86393). The Sony R-Engine MPEG2 encoder/decoder is found in the more recent Sony Vaio Picturebooks (model PCG-C1M* and newer).

Digital Graph

Digital graph 1.3 is an advanced JAVA SWING component for modelling, displaying, saving and loading graphs(using XML and XMLSchema). It is fully documented and requires jdk 1.5.x.Version 1.3 adds 9 bug fixs, 3 rengineering and 4 new features.

Rsession - Java wrapper to R

Rsession: R sessions wrapping for JavaRsession provides an easy to use java class giving access to remote or local R session. The back-end engine is Rserve 0.6, locally spawned automatically if necessary. Rsession differs from Rserve as it is a higher level API, and it includes server side startup of Rserve. Therefore, it is easier to use in some point of vue, as it provides a multi session R engine (including for Windows, thanks to an ugly turn-around). Another alternative is JRI, but it does n

Romanface - High level R interface for Java

A high level R interface for Java that extends org.rosuda.REngine.REngine of the Rserve project. Includes Single instance static interface to R (because R is single threaded) that includes: Load and initialise functions. Multiple methods for evaluating R expressions including with/without output of returned expressions or printed output, and with/without exception handling. Evaluation of expressions from files. Assignment of R objects. Message output to the R console. Java object representations

rengine - java rendering engin

java rendering engin