Windows Remote Command Prompt (Remote Shell)

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This is a C# client-server application. The Server is an windows service in a remote system which executes CMD commands and returns results to the client. The Client presents a console, it sends commands to the Server (through a WCF service), and shows results.



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Cgi-diskwatch - Set of cgi scripts to watch disk space and do run commands remotely.

Hardware tool is a collection of CGI scripts that can be used for monitoring Unix machines. Currently it supports the following features : Machine ping status Check common utilities installed in the machine. Remote command execution Web based UI Searching for disk space Displaying free/used disk space for local and NAP mounted disks through intuitive bar and pie charts (Thanks to ) TODO : Perform disk audit remotely through "Aide".

Soicmp - ICMP remote shell

What is Shell over ICMP project (soicmp)?Soicmp consists of two free and open source applications: one server and one client. It allows a user to connect to a remote shell daemon, by using ICMP protocol instead of classical TCP. Entirely written in Python, soicmp is nothing but a little hack I made for fun, a working proof-of-concept to demonstrate that data can be transmitted across a network by hiding it in traffic that normally does not contain payloads. How does it work?The soicmp server is

Gtalk-terminal - Provide remote shell access via GoogleTalk client.

Provides an alternative way to connect to remote shell without ssh client. Wrapper around ssh and connects the wrapper and the gtalk client. Commands can be executed on the remote shell by chatting with the server

Fabric - Simple, Pythonic remote execution and deployment

Fabric is a Python (2.5-2.7) library and command-line tool for streamlining the use of SSH for application deployment or systems administration tasks. It provides a basic suite of operations for executing local or remote shell commands (normally or via sudo) and uploading/downloading files, as well as auxiliary functionality such as prompting the running user for input, or aborting execution.

Remote-cmd - a utility using libssh2 to run one or more commands on a remote host with a single auth

remote-cmdThis application will take a single command ''equivalent of ssh {host} {command}'' or it will take a file containing a list of commands to run on the remote host. Supported authenticationRSA,DSA or RSA1(identity) key password this should replace the need for rexec. by using libssh2 only one connection is made to the host and multiple commands are sent in serial. by default the command suppresses stdout, this keeps the bandwidth requirements low, and should run nicely on slow connection

Rsync-inotify - provides inotify based rsync to remote servers

Rsync script based on inotify and some perl not so magic. It syncs up your servers local directories to multiple servers based on two time periods , sleep_period and trigger period . sleep period determines the time interval in which the script wakes up the check the monitored directory for any changes , if it gets any changes it issues a rsync command based on the configuration . trigger_period defines the global time period in which rsync runs irrespective of the changes in the monitored direc