Resize images before upload

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It will resize all images in folder recursively and store them in a store account



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Smartosxdeploy - intelligent automatic reimaging tool for netbooting OS X machines

python script that runs as a startup item on a netboot server to allow multiple images to be automatically determined and restored to a local disk.Things are hard coded, no command line options, lot of work to do, but the theory is pretty cool and it works!

SOLUS 3 Agent Silent Installer

Reads the computers S3 GUID SOLUS3 database so the GUID can be re-used when the computer is re-imaged.

Rotatoloader - Downloads TF2 maps from a central repository & adds them to a user's maps dir

This program was designed for people in my gaming group who were just getting started with Team Fortress 2 or who wanted to bulk download maps after reimaging their computers. Some people complained that they had slow download speeds when retrieving maps in game and wanted a way to preload all of our custom maps to ensure they were always up to date, allowing them to get into the game as fast as possible.

Lack - LACK - Linux Appliance Construction Kit - a set of initramfs building tools, meant to be used

Project DescriptionA set of tools (mostly shell and Perl scripts) that creates initramfs images using existing software from a running Debian system. The initramfs images are meant to be run as standalone systems, loading from CD-ROM drives, USB flash drives, or booted over the network using PXE. The theme of LACK is "Small software that does big things". SubprojectsProjects that use the LACK project for building customized initramfs images: Propaganda Streaming Audio System - Includes both a st

phantoman - A web interface that manages tasks for taking clones of PC hard drives and reimaging.

A web interface that manages tasks for taking clones of PC hard drives and reimaging.

REImageSprite - CSS-like image sprites for iOS apps.

CSS-like image sprites for iOS apps.