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set registry security from command line, or batch file.



Related Projects

harbor - An enterprise-class container registry server based on Docker Distribution

Note: The master branch may be in an unstable or even broken state during development. Please use releases instead of the master branch in order to get stable binaries.Project Harbor is an enterprise-class registry server that stores and distributes Docker images. Harbor extends the open source Docker Distribution by adding the functionalities usually required by an enterprise, such as security, identity and management. As an enterprise private registry, Harbor offers better performance and security. Having a registry closer to the build and run environment improves the image transfer efficiency. Harbor supports the setup of multiple registries and has images replicated between them. In addition, Harbor offers advanced security features, such as user management, access control and activity auditing.

klar - Integration of Clair and Docker Registry

Klar is a simple tool to analyze images stored in a private or public Docker registry for security vulnerabilities using Clair Klar is designed to be used as an integration tool so it relies on enviroment variables. It's a single binary which requires no dependencies.Klar process returns 0 if number of detected high severity vulnerabilities in an image is less or equals than threshold (see below), otherwise it returns 1.

springsec1 - spring, security, mvc, jpa, mysql, hibernate, generic dao, validator, session registry

spring, security, mvc, jpa, mysql, hibernate, generic dao, validator, session registry

Security amp; Privacy Complete

Security amp; Privacy Complete is mainly a security tool for Windows. It can disable all services which might be a securit-risk, harden registry settings... Also included privacy features for Internet Explorer, Media Player, and of course: Mozilla Firefox.

windows-event-forwarding - A repository for using windows event forwarding for incident detection and response

Over the past few years, Palantir has a maintained an internal Windows Event Forwarding (WEF) pipeline for generating and centrally collecting logs of forensic and security value from Microsoft Windows hosts. Once these events are collected and indexed, alerting and detection strategies (ADS) can be constructed not only on high-fidelity security events (e.g. log deletion), but also for deviations from normalcy, such as unusual service account access, access to sensitive filesystem or registry locations, or installation of malware persistence.The goal of this project is to provide the necessary building blocks for organizations to rapidly evaluate and deploy WEF to a production environment, and centralize public efforts to improve WEF subscriptions and encourage adoption. While WEF has become more popular in recent years, it is still dramatically underrepresented in the community, and it is our hope that this project may encourage others to adopt it for incident detection and response purposes. We acknowledge the efforts that Microsoft, IAD, and other contributors have made to this space and wish to thank them for providing many of the subscriptions, ideas, and techniques that will be covered in this post.

Secure Autologon

Enable Windows Autologon without a cleartext password in the Registry. The password will be stored by the Local Security Authority (LSA).


A fresh approach to security in Django. Conceptually, a simple rule registry dictionnary to manage callbacks. In addition, allows logging of malicious uses, provide a middleware, a class decorator, rule autodiscovery, templatetags, debug views ... and other features to make it enjoyable. Status: in development, supported.

Jawin - a Java/Win32 interoperability project

The Java/Win32 integration project (Jawin) is a interoperation between Java and components exposed through Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM) or through Win32 Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs). Jawin could be used to interact with scriptable applications such as the Microsoft Office suite, COM-based XML parsers and tools. It could also be used to access Win32 API features such as the Windows registry, security APIs, and the event log.

coreos-cluster - An example of how to provision a CoreOS cluster on AWS using Terraform and ansible-vault

An example of how to provision a CoreOS cluster on AWS using Terraform. This example sets up a VPC, private and public networks, NAT server, an RDS database, a CoreOS cluster and a private Docker registry and properly configures tight security groups.The cluster is configured via cloud-config user data and runs etcd2.service and fleet.service. All peer and client traffic is encrypted using self signed certificates.

PSRR - Remote Registry PowerShell 3.0 Module

Remote Registry PowerShell Module to manage the registry with Windows PowerShell. This version supports the new improvement in .NET 4 to specify a 32-bit or 64-bit view of the registry with the Microsoft.Win32.RegistryView enumeration when you open base keys.

Noah - Lightweight node/service registry inspired by Apache Zookeeper

Noah is a lightweight node/service registry inspired by Apache Zookeeper. It provides support for Service registry, Node registry, Configuration Registry, Group Services, Watches.

Windows Vista Registry Shell Namespace Extensions

The Windows Registry Shell Namespace Extension allows Windows Explorer to view and interact with the Windows Registry data via Explorer windows. It demonstrates existing Shell extensibility points like IShellFolder2 and SHCreateShellFolderView and also demonstrates new concep...

cordova-registry-web - Mirror of Apache Cordova Registry Web

```bashgit clone```In your terminal, navigate to the cordova-registry-web directory and `npm install`. This will install the dependencies required to deploy locally.We also need to install the `grunt-cli` and `couchapp` globally. Type `npm install grunt-cli -g` and `npm install couchapp -g`.

migrator - Tool to migrate Docker images from Docker Hub or v1 registry to a v2 registry

Tool to migrate Docker images from Docker Hub or v1 registry to a v2 registry

requireable-registry-couchapp - requireable-registry-couchapp

When writing code that needs to do some of the same things that the npm registry does, it can be useful to use the couchapp code for the registy itself, which is in the package npm-registry-couchapp. Unfortunately, this code is not designed to run in node, but in CouchDB, so in order to require it correctly, require need to be defined in a way that works correctly.

npm-search-downloads - Joins the registry and downloads databases in the npmjs registry

Joins the registry and downloads databases in the npmjs registry

emiregistry - EMI Registry (EMIR): A Registry for Federated Grid Infrastructures

EMI Registry (EMIR): A Registry for Federated Grid Infrastructures

Registry Editor PE

Registry Editor PE is a plugin for Bart's PE Builder which allows for easy editing of remote registry hives and user profiles. A user booting from a Bart's PE CD can easily make changes to the Windows registry without having to boot into Windows.

Little Registry Optimizer

Little Registry Optimizer is a part of Little Apps` Little Registry Cleaner. This project is aimed to analyze the windows registry and optimize it so it will be smaller and run smoother. This program is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

schema-registry - Schema registry for Kafka

Schema Registry provides a RESTful interface for storing and retrieving versioned Avro schemas for use with Kafka.