Refract - MVVM library for Silverlight

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A library of base classes to facilitate the Model/View/ViewModel pattern in Silverlight using Prism (Composite WPF and Silverlight). It also provides a deeplinking navigation implementation that uses the RegionManager. This library was designed for Silverlight 3 in VS 2008.



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Buzybeans - Implementation of an EJB 3.1 Lite container (educational)

BuzyBeans is an EJB 3.1 Lite container written in Java. \t BuzyBeans is simply a small educational project to understand how works an EJB container. You can contact the BuzyBeans Team at the following address : Photo courtesy of Refracted Moments

Yart - Yet Another Ray Tracer

Basic ray tracer. Currently implements:* Geometric primitives: - Smooth Bezier patches - Spheres, cubes, triangles, planes - Arbitrary matrix transformations* Light sources: - Point, directional* Shading: - Reflections - Ambient, diffuse, specular (Phong)* Accelerated intersection testing: - Bounding-boxes in a 3D-grid (have to specify manually)* JPEG output* TODO: - Refraction - Photon mapping - Texture mapping - Bump mapping

Project-blobz - Indie game made with the OpenGL API

Project Blobz is an independent project involving, for now, two gamedesign students : a programmer, and a 3D modeler. The project should put focus on gameplay (camera, triggers, character capacities) and shaders (light, reflection, refraction...). The goals are to : make effective use of generic tools : the Collada 3D format, the OpenGL 3D API, etc. make a small game from start to end. use software engineering tools : design patterns, reusability in props/assets as in code learn!!!

Trayracer - ...with strong ray tracing skills

My first approach to ray tracing topic, which I'll be coping with im my spare time. It's the very beginning right now, and currently trayracer supports: ambient, diffuse and specular shading point lights and hard shadows spheres and planes rendering to .BMP Here's what I'm planning to add first: scene description format reflections and refractions other visual objects, possibly including some isosurfaces like metaballs other types of lights SIMD support, and after that GPGPU (probably OpenCL), h

XNA Refraction Methods

- Comparison of three different refraction methods in XNA. - Example of the interaction between refraction and reflection as a water surface effekt

Webgl-nature-scene - Realistic nature scene presentation using WebGL

The Cloudy-Mountains lie, See the Chille-River pass by, Like a big dome is the sky, Covering the prairie nigh. The lofty sky is deeply blue, The vast wildness not seen through. The wind lowering grass in green, Sheep and cattle are easily seen. ---- A folk rhyme from the North-Dynasty, China IntroductionThis is a technical demo based upon NVIDIA's Nature demo project. It is an effort to integrate some interesting shader based rendering techniques to present realistic-looking nature scene on web

Seismic Refraction Tomography

Reconstruction technique of internal velocities structure of massives using tomography method. The reconstruction uses as input data the recorded traveltime of direct propagating seismic waves and spatial coordinates of emission and reception points.

Raytracing - A simple implementation of a Ray Tracing algorithm

A simple implementation of a Ray Tracing algorithm to spheres, planes and boxes. Some features: reflection; refraction; textures (only on boxes); normal mapping; depth of field; specular bloom (even through reflection and refraction); shadows. It's using Phong shading.

Vectypes - Python library providing and vector and matrix types

vectypes provides 2, 3 and 4-element vector and matrix types for Python using an API very similar to GLSL. The types provided are: float vectors: vec2, vec3, vec4 int vectors: ivec2, ivec3, ivec4 bool vectors: bvec2, bvec3, bvec4 square matrices: mat2, mat3, mat4 non-square matrices: mat2x3, mat2x4, mat3x2, mat3x4, mat4x2, mat4x3 Binary operators are overloaded for component-wise operations between a vector or matrix and a scalar, between two vectors, and between two matrices. Multiplication can

Hudsonengine - A next generation 3D platform designed to work on all XNA compatible machines includi

The Hudson Engine is a next generation entirely shader driven 3D engine wrote from the ground up in C++. Some of it's core are ports of the popular PSP engine Raptor(See Qj.Net for alphas) wrote by the authors of Hudson. But this version is a revolution, not an evolution. Offering a slew of next gen effects, ranging from per pixel parallax mapped lighting, to full screen variable bloom. It also includes a very fast software boned animation system. The engine completely replaces the Mesh classes