Word 2007/2010 Redaction Tool

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The Word 2007/2010 Redaction Tool can be used to redact text within Microsoft Office Word documents.




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Redacter - Rails output obfuscater.

The Redacter is a very simplistic plugin for Rails that will obfuscate words and phrases after all of the Rails processing magic has happened.

Redact - Lightweight Java application framework with auto-updating and plugin infrastructure

redACT is a lightweight Java application framework that supports a simple auto-update capability (update all or part of your application) that can include filters (for example, download this version of the jar if the user is running JRE1.4.2 or this one for Java 1.6, or this one if they have a valid license). Also supports easy "plug-ins" managing class-loading for you.In order to change an existing application to use it, simply implement one interface with two methods.Supports "multi-versal" fi

Redaction System

A simple visual content-management system in PHP and MySQL that is easy enough even for people who never coded HTML. Edited website looks the same as it'll look to visitors;with one big difference-you see action links that allow you to edit the contents

Chrome-screen-capture - Capture webpage screenshot in Chrome

What is itA Chrome extension to capture webpage screenshot and save as a PNG image. FeaturesCapture the visible content, a region of the page, or the whole page. Edit the screenshot before saving. Now we support these edit tools: highlighting, redacting and adding text. SpecialtiesIt can capture the whole page for a page with a horizontal scroll bar. If there is a floating object on a page, you won't see it twice when capturing the whole page!

jslinux-deobfuscated - JSLinux rewritten to be human readable, hand deobfuscated and annotated.

I wanted to understand how the amazing JsLinux worked, so in a fit of mania I hand de-obfuscated the codebase while studying it over a few days' time. In the off-chance someone else might be interested in this code as a basis for further weird in-browser x86 hacking I posted this redacted version of the code here, with permission of Mr. Bellard.

Xprim - 1qrtyryrt

Aici postam LINK'uri sau SCREEN'uri la saiturile facute de dvs. Prin web design sau webdesign se întelege în general realizarea de situri web, de la momentul conceperii structurii şi interfeţei grafice şi până la finalizarea programării şi introducerea propriu-zisă a datelor - imagini, text, fişiere şi alte elemente - care alcătuiesc conţinutul sitului. Scurt istoric: Primul webdesigner a fost chiar inventatorul www-ului, Tim Berners Lee, care a publicat primul sit din istorie în

Ecs235a-project - UC Davis ECS235a Quarter Project

OverviewA project for ECS235a, a UC Davis graduate course in the Computer Science department. Extends the work presented in Web-Based Inference Detection by addressing some of the weaknesses in that paper. AbstractSensitive information is redacted from a document before the document is released to protect that information from being exposed. Existing research proposed a web-based inference detection system but suffered from three weaknesses: Leaking Information Performance Problems Limited Strat

Uiforemailsearch - search emails engine based on lucene

email search for searching large repositories of emails from many different users 1) extJS FE 2) Redact/convert to tiff 3) extract PST/NSF files

Slovanews - TeX style to typeset a small school magazine

This is set of TeX macros to typeset a simple magazine. It is part of our redaction. It was written for czech users. Sample macros: \\clanek[section]{title} \\autor{name of an editor} \\text1 text in 1 column \\konec \\interview \\ot question\\par \\od answer\\par \\konec