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Recycling 2.0



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Manticorecms - Manticore CMS 3 - Web 2.0 Framework

Manticore CMS 3Web 2.0 FrameworkI am building a new unique CMS system based on PHP 5, XML and AJAX. It will support most common libraries like Prototype or jQuery, will be strictly modular and extensible with plugins and custom PHP modules. That opens new ways of website implementations. As the system is planned to be multi-site and multi-domain, just bound by a free space, all of the modules and plugins could be "recycled" through separate XML settings.

Belvederesharp - Belvedere# automatic file managment

Belvedere# IntroductionBased on ideas of Adam Pash's Belvedere automatic file management (available on This version is written in C# and is executable on Windows, MacOSX1 and Linux1 (1 requires mono, see NewsDue to personal commitments, development of this project will be suspended until 20 Nov. 2009. Sorry for any inconvenience. RequirementsWindows.Net Framework 2.0, use windows update to install. (it is already install

Dreambig - Your guide to making the earth live longer

# Each gallon of gasoline you burn creates 20 pounds of CO2.The average vehicle emits 6.7 tons of CO2 each year. # The IPCC predicts that during the next century, the average rate of warming will be greater than anything seen in the last 10,000 years. # Global sea levels could rise by at least fifteen and perhaps as much as ninety-five centimeters. # National Geographic reports that the endangered species list is larger than ever because they don't have natural habitats anymore. All of the above

Rhtempcontroller - RH and Temp controller

I made this to monitor RH and temperature at a remote location and activate an exhaust vent to adjust the environment back down. It also has a programmable timer and a green LED on an auto off outlet. More info is available in the product manual available in the download section. Brief function overview:Monitors both RH and temp in a single remote location Monitors onboard temperature Adjustable recycle timer (1 min to 18 hour on time, 1 min to 12 hour off) Green LED strip with an auto off time

Mysterium-journal-and-calendar - Mysterium is a calendar that can display a high range of dates. Wri

1. What is Mysterium? Megabyte - Mysterium is a calendar that can display a high range of dates, from 9999 B.C to 9999 A.D. It’s not only a calendar, but also a journal and contains an integrated image manager, Ikonikos. 2. What does it feature? Its databases are reliable. Mysterium uses sqlite3, which does atomic transactions. This translates in fewer chances of database corruption. Mysterium executables are self-contained. Carry them with you, anywhere, using a pendrive. Cross-platform: supo

Seads - Source Engine Automatic Demo Saver by Mo_Steel

About SEADSThe Source Engine Automatic Demo Saver (SEADS) allows users to easily record and save demos in Source Engine games. All Source Engine games and mods should now be supported and automatically have SEADS installed to work for them. Current Version: 3.24 (Updated 04/20/11) Click here to download. (.ZIP) Want to stay up to date? Subscribe to the SEADS mailing list! Special thanks to "Something Awful" and "Strength and Honour" for their assistance in testing and creating SEADS. Additional

Ld48jovoc - A collection of all my games made for LudumDare contests.

IntroductionThis is a collection of all my games made for the LudumDare 48 hour game programming contest, and similar contests like Speedhack and TINS. These games are mostly pretty rough but some are already quite fun. List of Games(bolded entries are the ones in this package) LD22: Aloneasaurus Rex LD21: Escape -- No Entry LD20: It's Dangerous to go alone -- Take This LD19: Discovery -- Planet Thing LD18: Enemies as Weapons -- Iron Reflex LD17: Islands -- Crater Galapagos LD16: Exploration --

Frldrs-nets - Software, Synchronization, Compare, Backup, SEP, C#

N.E.T.S. Nothing Else To Syncbrought to you by FRLDRS.EXE DOWNLOAD NETS V2.0 hereWhat Is NETS?NETS is an open-source File Synchronization software. NETS is developed using .NET framework and in C# language. This document covers the design and implementation details of NETS. It also includes suggestion on improvement of the program structure and features. InformationCurrent Version: 2.0 Operation System: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7 System Requirement: .NET framework 3.0+ What’s New in Ve

Yang-li-spaghetti-hacks-archive - Misc Hacks Archive

Here are some of Yang’s latest spaghetti hacks. Nothing is really new indeed. Feel free to reuse/recycle at your wish. Happy new year J Index\tScript Name\tFunction Description\tVersion\tYear 1\ - Batch Cisco Audit Tool. A driver script version 0.1. Batch script to drive CIS Router Audit Tool (RAT) on multiple Cisco devices in one shot. This batch script depends on 'RAT' audit tool and audit s file. Audit rule file 'cisco-pix/local.conf' - could be created by 'ncat_config' comma


A Wonderful Catch Rate Generator For The "Pokemon" Games On Handheld Devices (For Ages 7-20) (Recyclable)