Real Life Library

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Using this library, you will be able to make your own simulation of the real life! Just for fun.



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A quantitative finance C++ library for modeling, pricing, trading, and risk management in real-life. A cross-platform free/open-source tool for derivatives and financial engineering.


Virtual Radiation Detection and Measurement Laboratory Software

Nreco - NReco: model-driven development infrastructure for ASP.NET

NReco is an ASP.NET application framework that enables lightweight model-driven development and domain-specific modelling for real-life applications. Components

Procedural-fractals - 3D Graphics final project for the course CSCI-580

This is the Final project done for the 3D graphics and rendering class. The project is based on using Fractals for procedurally generating real-life looking Trees and Terrains. Team: Vairavan Laxman Arun Lalam Vasudev Rajan Vinuth Giri

Grails-templar - A Grails Best Practice Project | Grails 最佳实践

The project aims to provide best practice of Grails framework and it's pluginsin real-life web application development. 本项目专注于�供基于Grails框架�其�件的Web应用最佳实践探索。

Uphea - the nice way of asking smart questions

Uphea is an open-source real-life example built on Jodd Java framework. It shows many best-practices of using Jodd. Moreover, uphea gives an excellent overview of key points and main strengths of Jodd framework. More info:

Universal-cockpit-trainer - Universal Cockpit Trainer - whether learning a F16, an A-10 or a KA-50 .

Starting with Falcon 4.0 the community of hardcore-simulation-pilots was faced with a problem real-world-pilots had figured decades ago: the procedures got too complex to learn them in the actual cockpit. Now, with DCS's "Black Shark" and "A-10C", there is almost no difference between Real-Life and virtual cockpit-management any more. Almost all knobs, switches and buttons (except a handful) are simulated in the virtual cockpit - the procedures within the simulation get very close to the real on

Be-uclouvain-gsi-smartcard - Work with contact and contactless smartcard

Project OriginThis project is a small playground for smardcard applications. It is the continuation of Jean-François Houzard and Olivier Roger master thesis "Development of an ePassport API and deployment in real-life applications". The ePassport API is called pyppasport and one of the real-life applications is called ePassport Viewer are available freely on google code. Smartcard ?Working on ePassport was an interesting introduction to the smardcard world. It basicly gathers two types of devic

Super-easy - Demo Apps *super easy* using GWT on GAE

This project contains a set of demo apps (prototypes) created while learning/evaluating different web technologies. It is often very hard to find a real-life up-to-date working example. Hence the name for this project and corresponding blog and discussion group: it should be super easy ;-) My current focus is on rapid application development using the following, mostly Google, but always open projects/services: Google App Engine (GAE) including different services (datastore, user services, etc.)

Tkcontactmanager - a powerful contact manager for Plone

A powerful contact manager for Plone (Archetypes + some of the zope3 technologies). Tested with Plone 3.0. Main features: can be used for storing any information about people, organisations, companies etc. (including but not limited to contact details and some legal information). powerful bidirectional relations built in to allow users to reflect real-life associations between modelled entities customer relationship management and capturing information about external entities and how they are as