RDoc: NO LONGER ACTIVE—part of Ruby

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This project is now part of the Ruby core, and is being maintained in the main Ruby tree. DO NOT USE THIS CODE! New homepage is http://rdoc.rubyforge.org/




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Rubydocinassistant - rdoc generator for Qt 4 Assistant

rubydocinassistant is rdoc custom generator that creates file in the format to use in Qt 4 Assistant

Dcov - A documentation coverage analysis tool for Ruby.

This tool uses RDoc to calculate and measure your documentation coverage, much like rcov does for tests. Future versions will lex documentation for quality and/or token coverage.


More than just a new RDoc template

Gdata-ruby-util - Google Data APIs Ruby Utility Library

A Ruby gem designed to assist Ruby developers in working with Google Data APIs. RDoc is available online for trunk Version 1.1.2 Version 1.1.1 Version 1.1.0 Version 1.0.1 There is also a RubyForge project you can download the released gems from. NOTE: Beginning in v1.1.2, AuthSub requests will default to HTTPS by default for security reasons, when possible. Please update any URLs you're using with this library to ensure they're using HTTPS before upgrading. You may receive a scope error when mak

Atmos-ruby - Ruby connector for connecting to EMC Atmos storage service

This project contains a Ruby wrapper to simplify connecting to EMC Atmos storage service. atmos-ruby is released!You can download the GEM file from the downloads page or use gem to install it (sudo recommended on linux/mac) $ gem install --remote atmos-rubySuccessfully installed atmos-ruby- gem installedInstalling ri documentation for atmos-ruby- RDoc documentation for atmos-ruby- check your installation with: $ irb>> require 'EsuApi'=> true>> exi

Drunken-master - Ruby framework for creating rich web applications

Focusgood ideas app modularity testing Whats cooking?Content management system based on this framework called "Drunken Cat" while building cms, making framework even better through real life usage Whats inside?Features so far: widget - an "MVC in one" unit real routing (objects, callbacks) simple statistics (rake dm:stats or rake stats) Supporting parts: dependency solving loader simple test framework magic - for crazy ruby stuff DocumentationRun "rake doc" in drunkenMaster directory, then see '

Rubyservermonitor - Ruby Module for Server Monitoring

This is a Ruby module to aid in monitoring port and url availability, reading from an xml configuration file and writing/appending to an xml log file. Also released is a standalone script implementing the module. I couldn't find any scriptable applications that fit my server monitoring needs (extreme simplicity and structured log format), so here is my implementation. This was a weekend project, and lacks proper documentation at the moment. A standalone program that includes the module is includ

Gchartrb - Ruby wrapper around the Google Chart API

Introductiongchartrb is a Ruby wrapper around the Google chart API located at http://code.google.com/apis/chart/ It provides a nice object oriented interface with friendly names, and methods to populate data. Then the data is automatically encoded and the URL can be generated. Features in the new release of Google Charts API are pending and should be implemented soon. Check out TodoList for a complete list. Download and InstallationThe simplest way to install gchartrb is via Rubygems gem install

Rails-authorization-plugin - A Ruby on Rails plugin that provides a simple and flexible way to add a

Authorization pluginThis plugin provides a flexible way to add authorization to Rails. The authorization process decides whether a user is allowed access to some feature. It is distinct from the authentication process, which tries to confirm a user is authentic, not an imposter. There are many authentication systems available for Rails, e.g., acts_as_authenticated and LoginEngine. This authorization system will play nicely with them as long as some simple requirements are met. IMPORTANT NOTE : T

Rainpress - A CSS compressor in ruby

Rainpress is a compressor for CSS. It's written in ruby, but should not be limited to ruby projects. Rainpress does not apply common compression algorithms like gzip, it removes unnecessary characters and replaces some attributes with a shorter equivalent name. Installation: Rainpress 1.0 as 7z-archive or ZIP-archive There are UbuntuPackages available Check out the Subversion trunk with svn checkout http://rainpress.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ rainpressUsage: per CLI: ruby rainpress.rb -i <infile>