RDF Filter

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This program acts as a filter layer between SAX (The Simple API for XML) and the higher-level RDF (Resource Description Format), an XML-based object-serialization and metadata format. The RDF filter library is used by several RDF-based projects.




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RSS Owl | RSS / RDF / Atom Feed Reader

RSS Owl is a powerful application to organize, search and read feeds.

Milarq - Improving query performance over RDF data using multiple indexes

Improving SPARQL query performance through judicious indexingThe MILARQ Project seeks to enhance performance of the CLAROS Explorer VRE, to allow wider public access to a rich set of classical art resources from major European research centres, and incorporation of additional source data. The software developments relate to Jena, an existing, widely used, open source RDF data management platform. These will include creation of multiple indexes over the underlying RDF triple store, Jena TDB, and

Dmilo - Intuative 3D Content Manager

dMiloMilo is a 3d content manager for low cost 3D suites. Targeted Features. Full search engine of 3D Assets "Playlist" and Tag based filtering Quick View with Thumbnails Sortable on all Metadata Zoom to OpenGL View of 3D Assets Assets Stored on Filesystem Metadata Stored in Database(Easy Manage existing 3D asset Libraries) Import existing Asset directories Drag and Drop adding New Assets Zeroconf Websharing Export Asset data as RDF data Database Backed by XML plain file(User is not Locked in) D

Lucene-skos - A SKOS analyzer module for Apache Lucene and Solr

A SKOS analyzer module for Apache Lucene and SolrWhat is SKOS?The Simple Knowledge Organization Systems (SKOS) is a model for expressing the basis structure and content controlled vocabularies (classification schemes, thesauri, taxonomies, etc.). As an application of the Resource Description Framework (RDF), SKOS allows these vocabularies to be published as dereferencable resources on the Web, which makes them easily retrievable in re-usable in applications. SKOS plays a major role in the ongoin


PHP class to parse several feeds at same time and give ordered result. Support RSS 0.9x/1.0/2.0, RDF, and Atom. Support some namespaced modules like Media RSS, iTunes, Dublin Core, and more... Include class to make RSS rewriting or filtering.

Recfwk - Recommender Evaluation Framework

OverviewFor end-usersUsage examplesDocumentationDetailsFor framework developersTo compileTo unit testTo run javadoc, checkstyle and generate distribution/release filesMisc OverviewThis software framework provides basic code for helping the process of designing and implementing recommender engines. For end-usersUsage examplesFlickr example to come soon. DocumentationAPI/Javadoc documentation is distributed with the source package and is also available online. DetailsWhen studying recommender algo

Django-rdf - An RDF engine for Django projects

Django-RDF is an RDF engine implemented in a generic, reusable Django app, providing complete RDF support to Django projects without requiring any modifications to existing framework or app source code, or incurring any performance penalty on existing control flow paths. The philosophy is simple: Do your web development using Django just like you're used to, then turn the knob and - with no additional effort - expose your project on the semantic web. The project home is at Google Code and there

Relfinder - Finding Relationships in RDF Knowledge Bases

RelFinder is a tool based on Adobe Flex that automatically reveals relationships within a set of known objects via arbitrary SPARQL endpoints and displays them as graph visualization. The relationships are found by an algorithm that can be applied to large RDF knowledge bases, such as DBpedia or the whole LOD-Cloud. Since the graph that visualizes the relationships can still become large, we added interactive features and filtering options to the user interface that enable a reduction of display

Hermes-gadget - Hermes ( RSS, RDF and Atom scrolling feed reader Windows sidebar gadget.

Hermes is a Windows sidebar gadget that displays a scrolling list of items from an editable list of RSS, RDF and Atom feeds. Features: Resizable ticker tape or vertical scrolling and auto scroll rate. Preserves read and deleted state of items, even after reboots. Change size, colour, background, fonts, right to left layout, etc. Rules for filtering items: Read-by date, Age, Top X, Keep duration, Cross feed compare, Sort. Mouse keys for scrolling, deleting items, feeds, or read marks. Keyword sea

Gfacet - Graph-based Faceted Exploration of RDF Data

With gFacet we develop a new Adobe Flex tool to browsing RDF data that is accessible via arbitrary SPARQL endpoints (e.g. DBpedia) by combining graph-based visualization with faceted filtering techniques. The graph-based visualization of facets supports the integration of different domains and an efficient exploration of highly structured and interrelated datasets. It allows to access information from distant user-defined perspectives and thereby enables the exploration beyond the borders of Web