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rdesktop is an open source client for Windows NT Terminal Server, capable of natively speaking its Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) in order to present the user's NT desktop. Unlike Citrix ICA, no server extensions are required.




Related Projects


Remote Desktop Client for the GNOME Desktop. Supported protocols: RDP, VNC, SSH. Configured sessions can be saved to the built in list. Additional programs required: rdesktop, tightvnc, ssh, gnome-terminal. Application can be run with Mono runtime.


RDP Server - An open source RDP server and X server capable of accepting connections from rdesktop and ms terminal server clients.

Connection Manager

Do you have to connect to a lot of systems, using ssh, telnet, vnc and/or rdesktop? The Connection Manager lets you configure all of these connections, and access them by name, so you aren't forced to remember how to connect to each system.

UniTeS - Universal Terminal Services

UniTeS is a multiplatform virtual desktop what uses different Terminal Services and connection clients like rdesktop, XDMCP, rdp, etc. to allow users to connect to apps located in different systems from a common place.


properJavaRDP is an open source Java RDP client for Windows Terminal Server. It is based on rdesktop, a SourceForge project. properJavaRDP runs on Java 1.1 up (optimised for 1.4), and works on Linux, Windows and Mac. It also includes log4j-java1.1.

Remote Connection Manager

Remote Connection Manager is a GTK application that provides an easy way to initiate connections to remote machines. It's primary goal is to provide a GUI to launch ssh, telnet and rdesktop type of applications, however it is highly configurable.

Qtss-brute - QTss-Brute

QTss-Brute is fast RDP (Terminal Services) bruteforcer, written in C++ (Qt Framework) with use of modified rDesktop code (winRDesktop - win32 port). Now project (before proprietary) is open-source (GPLv3 license). How to build QTss-BruteYou need Qt SDK 4.5+ and MinGW cd to the project directory qmake mingw32-make How to build winRDesktopYou need Visual C++ 2005+ Open .sln solution Build Solution Thanks tometal foofus team roleg .fry asechka.ru community ][akep-magazine crew =) RankoR, ICQ - 2107

Mysshmenu - A Gnome menu for launching SSH, VNC, RDESKTOP sessions easily.

This Project was developed with MonoDevelop and provides an easy method to store and launch, SSH, RDESKTOP and VNC sessions. The hope is that at some point the application can be launched from an applet in the Gnome task bar. Because this application was written with Mono, only the mysshmenu.exe is needed. Copy the exe to a location of your choice, create a launcher with "mono mysshmenu.exe" as the command. A .desktop Linux shortcut is included for downloaded, so that you do not need to create a

rdesktops is a rdesktop manager

rdesktops is a front-end for rdesktop written in wxWidgets/C++.

krdesktop - KDE GUI for rdesktop

A KDE (QT3) front-end for rdesktop. This provides a GUI interface for windows terminal services (remote desktop) or any other RDP based screen sharing. Written in Quanta's Kommander, this also serves as a good example of RAD development under linux.