octogray - Theme for Octopress

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$ cd octopress $ git submodule add git@github.com:rcmdnk/octogray.git .themes/octogray $ .themes/octogray/setup.sh`setup.sh` installs plugins and patches `Gemfile`, `_config.yml` and `Rakefile`,in addition to does `rake install[octogray]`.You will be asked if you want to apply patches to`Gemfile`, `_config.yml` and `Rakefile`.If you want to keep current files, ignore and check these files in octogray later.If you are using GitHub pages, do again: $ rake setup_github_pagesThis task is also updated and provides you alternative method of push: push_ex,which locates public/_deploy directories other than octopress directory.It is very useful if you are using cloud storage, such Dropbox,for octopress directory, because many files in public/_deploy directories are updatedduring `generate`/`deploy`.Then, the computer will use much network resources.In addition, `push_ex` refreshes remote repository every time,i.e. no history is remained in such GitHub page's repository.Normally you have a history for source, and such history of page itselfis rather annoying when you put something wrong by accident.(all history could be seen in GitHub web page.)




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