footnote-inline - Footnote plugin for Octopress (Jekyll).

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1. Copy `plugins/footnote_inline` to your `plugins` directory.1. Install JavaScript. If you have already installed footnote-octopress, you may already have `source/javascripts/footnote.js`. Otherwise, copy `source/javascripts/footnote.js` to your `source/javascripts/` directory, and add a line: `` to `source/_includes/custom/head.html`.1. Install SCSS. As same as JavaScript, you may already have `sass/plugins/_footnote.scss`, or `source/custom/footnote.js`. Otherwise, copy `sass/plugins/_footnote.scss` to your `sass/plugins/` directory. If you have old octopress (if your `sass/screen.scss` doesn't have `@import "plugins/**/*";`), you may need to add `@import "footnote"` to `sass/plugins/_plugins.scss`.Done!



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