evernote_mail - Script to send file/comment to evernote by a mail

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On Mac, you can install scripts by [Homebrew](https://github.com/mxcl/homebrew): $ brew tap rcmdnk/rcmdnkpac $ brew install evernote_mailIf you have [brew-file](https://github.com/rcmdnk/homebrew-file), add following lines to Brewfile: tap 'rcmdnk/rcmdnkpac' brew 'evernote_mail'then, do: $ brew file installOr if you write like: tapall 'rcmdnk/rcmdnkpac'and do `brew file install`, you will have all useful scripts in[rcmdnkpac](https://github.com/rcmdnk/homebrew-rcmdnkpac).You can also use an install script on the web like: $ curl -fsSL https://raw.github.com/rcmdnk/evernote_mail/install/install.sh| shThis will install scripts to `/usr/bin`and you may be asked root password.If you want to install other directory, do like: $ curl -fsSL https://raw.github.com/rcmdnk/evernote_mail/install/install.sh| prefix=~/usr/local/ shOr, simply download scripts and set where you like.




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