Risk and Compliance Management

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Risk Management




Related Projects

EnOcean Library

This library is enables communication with the EnOcean Evaluation Board (105). The modules TCM120 and RCM120 can be used as gateways.

Crosslink-rcs - Cross-link Robot Control System

Cross-link RCS is a software front end for controlling robots built using Cross The Roads 2CAN Ethernet gateway. This program is an example of how to develop software to control/interact with the 2CAN and other Cross-Link modules (CANipede RCM).

L5rcm - L5R 4th Edition Character Manager

Legend of the Five Rings RPG The Legend of the Five Rings RPG is a role playing game that takes place in Rokugan, a mixture of Asian medieval culture. You can find more on L5R RPG on its official site. News21/05/2012 http://gplus.to/l5rcm <= Google Plus page :) Add me! 18/05/2012 I've started to write a guide on how to add custom data ( meanwhile I implement an easier way ) by editing the Database. If you're brave enough proceed to DatabaseGuide. The Character ManagerThis is a GM tool for the RP

rcm - rc file (dotfile) management

rc file (dotfile) management

Rcmplugins - Plugins for RoundCube webmail

My set of plugins for roundcube 0.3 stable

Rcontrol-msn - remote control via msn

Control your computer via MSN. based on msnp-sharp Protocol User Manual RCM v0.1.14 alpha version download

Plp2011 - Projeto da disciplina PLP CIn/UFPE

Projeto da disciplina PLP CIn/UFPE, ministrada em 2011. Integrantes: Amilcar Junior (asj), Rodrigo Mateus (rcm3), Victor Rocha (vhqr)


This project started as an assignment in COMPSCI 462 at C.S.U. Channel Islands using the Rabbit RCM6700 embedded development platform to control my garage door via my smart phone and query it's current position.

Ptprof - Rabbit softh

Dynamic C based RCM4400W code