Iterative Compression Algorithm

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Iterative Compression Algorithm: trying to prove Shannon was wrong.



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Openrca - Open Root Cause Analysis

An open source RCA (Root Cause Analysis) application... that will exist sometime soon! Until then please read our our goals, and if you would like to learn more, please contact us.

Rorca - interogare asiguratori prin webservice

Acest proiect isi propune sa ofere suport php pentru tarifarul de RCA prin webservice de la asiguratorii din Romania. Acest tarifar va fi facil de instalat in orice aplicatie si pe orice site pentru a aduce tarife.

Cssjsxhtml - Project template to initiate a new PHP CMS

A full customizable CMS in PHP. Mostly a demonstration and training purpose on PHP, Ajax, RichClientApp and MVC.

Eimu - Chip8 - ChipX Emulator

A Chip8, Chip8X, MegaChip, SuperChip, Chip16 emulator written in C# FeaturesChip8X Support (Chip8, Chip8 Hybrid, SuperChip, TODO: MegaChip) Clean and Easy Graphical Interface TODO: Settings Database / Game Info RCA 1802 CPU Recompiler Public Domain Roms Images

Blogbotplatform - Blog Bot Platform is a prototype platform for creating blogging robots

As part of my final project at the RCA, I am developing Blog Bot Platform, the development of blogging robots that talk about their experiences. My hope by open sourcing the code is to foster a community of independent implementations that can be injected back into my work. My Scernarios for Blog Bots are currently being exhibited at the Royal College of Art Show 2008. You can also follow them on twitter,


REBComm is a program for use with the RCA/Gemstar REB1100 eBook reader device. It can upload and download books from the device.

Pydtvcmd - pyDTVcmd is a Python script to send commands from your computer to a DirectTV receiver

INTRODUCTION'dtvcmd' is a program to send commands via your computer's serial port to a DirecTV(tm) satellite television receiver. With it, you can mimic the functionality of an infrared remote control. Not all DTV receivers support serial communications. 'dtvremote' is a pyGTK GUI for controlling the receiver from the desktop. PLEASE NOTE: This project has absolutely NOTHING to do with signal theft or circumvention. Do not make inquiries about “hacking� your system. I don't know how nor wou

Erca - Eclipse's Relational Concept Analysis

What is it?Erca is a framework that eases the use of Formal and Relational Concept Analysis, a neat clustering technique. Ok, But, What is Formal Concept Analysis?I guess you'll have to read the FcaIntroduction page. What can it do?Erca offers the following features: Easy import of formal contexts from CSV files (editable with Excel, ...) Clean and readable syntax to describe formal contexts Clean and readable syntax to describe relational context families Algorithm that computes

Mycp - C++ Web Application Server

MYCP is a Boost based, open-source, cross-platform C++ WEB application server. MYCP makes C++ and WEB development more simple, shrinking code to 20%, and increasing 20 times development efficiency. CSP+ includes these modules: CSP, CDBC, C++ Servlet, C++ APP, RCA(Remote C++ APP), etc. CSP_1_1