RC5 Proxy Statistics Generator

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A statistics generator (html, text, charts) for distributed.net personal proxy servers log files written in Java.




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Kpbe - Password Based Encryption (PBE) Tool

Overviewkpbe is a command line PBE tool for files based on bouncycastle encryption algorithms. It can be used to encrypt and password protect files using standard encryption algorithms like AES, RC4, RC2, Triple DES, Blowfish and Twofish. ExamplesEncrypt a file using 128 bit AES. This will use SHA1 as default digest algorithm to produce the key. kpbe -e -a AES -k 128 -p mypassword -o outdir MySecretFile.docEncrypt a file using 192 bit Triple DES with SHA-512 digest for key. kpbe -e -a DES -k 192

Blindsecondlife - A Second Life Client for the Visually Impaired

A client (viewer) for Second Life that augments visual presentation with sonification and UI for blind users. See https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Get_source_and_compile for info on how to build Linden's default viewer. Original files were taken from https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Source_downloads http://secondlife.com/developers/opensource/downloads/2007/09/slviewer-src-RC- http://secondlife.com/developers/opensource/downloads/2007/09/slviewer-win32-libs-RC- http://sec

Jfxcms - Modern AJAX CMS for PHP5, MySQL and W3C browsers

Website Management Software A content management system (cms) facilitates the storage and presentation of data with an administration console. The administrator can create pages, insert images and links, and visitors can browse the website viewing content according to their login status. Code: http://code.google.com/p/jfxcms/source/browse/trunk Download: http://jfxcms.googlecode.com/files/JFX_0.2.9rc1_20101002.zip FeaturesGraphical template builder and CSS generator Multiple domains (websites) w

Wiquery - Wicket integration with jQuery and jQuery UI

wiQuery - Wicket / jQuery integrationwiQuery aims to bind jQuery and jQuery UI within the Java Wicket framework, a Java framework providing a real way to create web applications with an OO approach. Our code has moved to GitHub : https://github.com/WiQuery/wiquery Our Google Groups mailinglist has been deleted! Please use the issue tracker here, or email to the Wicket mailinglist! We do read your posts!Check the following items to get more: Last stable version: 1.5.6 http://mvnrepository.com/art

Go-fastweb - A MVC framework for the Go programming language

fastweb aims to be a simple, small and clean MVC framework for Google's Go programming language. Sample UsageYou can find a very basic example in the "example" directory and the demo page. Basically the controller is implemented as follow: package mainimport ( "fastweb" "os")type Products struct { fastweb.Controller Name string Brand string Features []string Specifications []string Image string}func (p *Products) View(id string) os.Error { if id == "ah64" { p.Name = "RC Apache AH64 4-Channel Ele

Kruptools - All kind of tools

All kind of tools optimized for Ubuntu/Linux. List with tools D-CM: D-Control Manager, handy Manager for web-programmers DCrypt: Encryption and Decryption utility D-CM http://code.google.com/p/d-cm DCrypt Dcrypt is an encryption (and decryption) utility which uses a different, special way of encrypting as the other encryption utilities Depending on which password you use, a different pattern will be used. Dcrypt has a system in which encryption methods are linked to a letter of the alphabet. If

Gwt-scheduler - GWT widget that provides an easy event scheduling UI

Jan 2009Migrated to github. http://wiki.github.com/mping/gwt-scheduler/Nov 2009Migrated to GWT Milestone 2. Migrated to MVP by means of http://code.google.com/p/gwt-presenter/ project. DI provided by google-gin :) June 2009Migrated repo to mercurial. Ditched first version :) now only the rework is available within the hg repo. Included goda-time. Goda-time is a mess! But is should fill the needs for every time&date aspect within the scheduler. April 2009The rewrite is going OK, i'm modularizing

Widgete - son yorumlar

function showrecentcomments(json) { for(var i=0;i<a_rc;i++) { var b_rc=json.feed.entryi; var c_rc; if(i==json.feed.entry.length) break; for(var k=0;k<b_rc.link.length;k++) { if(b_rc.linkk.rel=='alternate') { c_rc=b_rc.linkk.href;break; } } \t\t //c_rc=c_rc.replace("#","#yorum-"); var d_rc=c_rc.split("#"); d_rc=d_rc0; var e_rc=d_rc.split("/"); e_rc=e_rc5;e_rc=e_rc.split(".html"); e_rc=e_rc0; \t\t var f_rc=e_rc.replace(/-/g," "); f_rc=f_rc.link(d_rc); \t\t var g_rc=b_rc.published.$t; var h_rc=g_rc

Wnpm - WNPM是一款基于Windows下的Nginx + PHP + MySQL + Zend绿色套件

WNPM 3.5(Nginx + PHP + MySQL + Zend + eAccelerator + Memcached)WNPM目录结构:\\wnpm\\│ Readme.txt\t\t\t说明文件│ memcached.cmd\t\t\tmemcached�务安装�动脚本│ WNPM.cmd\t\t\tWNPM主程�│ WNPM.conf\t\t\tPHP&MySQL版本�置│├─ Cmds\t\t\t\tWNPM�动控制脚本│├─ webserver\t\t\t���务软件包│ │ Process.exe\t\t│ │ RunHiddenConsole.exe\t│ ├─ eAccelerator\t\tphp加速器│ ├─ mysql\t\t\tmysql-5.1.60-winx64/mysql-5.5.19-winx64│

Adadvantage - A scheme for the K2 WordPress theme.

IntroductionAd Advantage is a 3 columns K2 scheme designed to present ads in a visually more pleasing layout, hence the name. UpdatesThe R9.0 release is in the Downloads section. It is tested to work with WordPress 2.7 and require the jquery ui files included with WordPress 2.7. Other version has not been tested. Report any bugs or improvement in the Issue page. More information about the changes and features in this release can be found on this blog post. Old UpdatesLatest version is R 7.0 base