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RBF is a Radial Base Functions Library. For mesh less algorithms, it have a set of examples for undertand how use it.




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Rbfconsole - Consola para ejecuciones de redes neuronales rbf

Consola poara ejecución de redes rbf con codigo fuente en matlab

Pyrbf - Python implementation of a fast radial basis function interpolation

Python implementation of the fast radial basis function (RBF) interpolation for scientific applications.Radial basis function (RBF) interpolation is a technique for representing a function starting with data on scattered points. Solving large RBF interpolation problems is notoriously difficult with basis functions of global support, due to the need to solve a linear system with a fully populated and badly conditioned matrix. Compact support bases result in sparse matrices, but at the cost of red

Rnas - rna implementations

MLP, RBF and LVQ Implementation

Petrbf - PETSc implementation of a fast radial basis function interpolation

PetRBF---A parallel O(N) algorithm for radial basis function interpolationContinuing with our previous efforts to provide the scientific community with fast algorithms for radial basis functions, this code project provides a full parallel implementation of the method used in pyrbf. September 2009 -- at this time, we release a stable version of the test code, used to produce the first paper and scalability results. A future release will offer a more streamlined interface. We distribute this code

Svmbr - A SVM training program

Although several programs to training SVMs may be found over the Internet, the main reason to develop a new one was to create a framework where not only new kernels could be added, as happens with the majority of SVMs programs, but also it was allowed to add new training algorithms and QP solver strategies. SVMBR was developed from scratch, in C++, after a careful class modeling and can be compiled to run on any operational system with a standard C++ compiler. At this moment, SMO and EDR are the



sofia-ml-mod - sofia-kmeans with sparse RBF cluster mapping

sofia-kmeans with sparse RBF cluster mapping