RB37-Rubidium Perl Editor

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Cross Platform Perl Development IDE. Current Alpha is for WIN32 written in Delphi. Initial Plan is too rewrite the IDE in Perl itself.




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Lightbulb - A ruby utility to detect automated behavior in proxy log traffic

Summary LightBulb is a utility to aid in finding automated traffic in web proxy logs. For now, lightbulb only deals with BlueCoat proxy log files. However it can be easily modified to read in other log formats. Requires: Ruby 1.8.7 or later Usage: Lightbulb takes input from standard in so that filtering may be done prior to loading in traffic. Example: cat logfile.txt | ruby lightbulb.rb This will create an output file in the same directory (lightbulb_report.txt). The format of the output file i

Mechasimulator - A 3D robot simulator game in Ruby/OpenGL

Mecha SimulatorThe goal to this project is to be able to build objects (ultimately robots or any mechanic device) in a simulated 3D physic world, then to be able to control them with a joystick. Programming language is Ruby. Screenshots # define a necklace:object 20.times do |i| p(0,0.1+i*0.1,2) string :last_two # do nothing if no two last elements end fix :firstend_objectgravity :allresult: # a box fixed by 2 pointsobject p(0,0,2) p(1,0,2) p(1,2,2) p(0,2,2) fix p(0,0,2.5) fix p(1,0,2.5) p(1,2,2

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