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Another Ray-Tracing Program. Full impementation from scratch of this well-known algorithm using C++. Thanks to OOP, the code is very simple and not really optimized. I would like it to be a learning basis for the ones interested in ray-tracing.




Related Projects


Ovt'sa is an open source C++ raytracer.

Realtime Raytracing Voxel Engine

Rearview is not meant to be a very sharp-shaped engine. Its strength are grown things, dirty things, bumpy things. Natural stuff like smooth hills, old walls.

IMP Render Farm

IMPFarm is a renderfarm for the POV-Ray raytracer. All communication is via http with XML documents. Servers and clients are cross platform. Management and reporting is done using web pages.


This is a simple .NET based raytracer, built to test mono/.net speed in raw calculations. It can produce some nice pictures too.


Pixie is a photorealistic renderer that uses a RenderMan-like interface. Features include programmable shading, motion blur, depth of field, raytracing, scan-line rendering, occlusion culling, global illumination, caustics ...

Raytracer for fun

Simple raytracing engine written for fun.

Rayzor - Java Raytracer for educational purpose

This Raytracer is meant to be an easy entrance in the world of raytracing. It must not be hard to understand :D

Javaraytracer-mmt - raytracer for lecture

nice raytracer with awesome architecture!