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Ravenous is a Java based webserver which does not in any way attempt to implement any parts of the Java Enterprise Edition standard. Instead it aims to provide you, the developer, with a simple easy to grasp way of developing solid high performance web s




Related Projects

Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion

Hammer of Thyrion is a cross-platform port of Raven's Hexen II source. It is based on an older linux port, Anvil of Thyrion. HoT includes many bug fixes, improved sound and video modes, opengl improvements and documentation among many others.


Raven is a Python client for Sentry

Raven-checkers - an open source checkers game written in Python

Project DescriptionRaven is a checkers game program, for one or two players. While there are examples of excellent & free checkers programs out on the net (such as Martin Fierz's Checkerboard), Raven has a few differences. Open-source code. Raven uses existing open source code as a basis (Martin Fierz's Simple Checkers evaluation function and Peter Norvig's search code from the AIMA project) for its AI engine. Cross-platform. Raven is written using Python 2.7 using its standard libraries. It has

Ravenx - The RavenX library is a bunch of data structures that are designed to be a portable and sim

The RavenX library is a bunch of data structures that are designed to be a portable and simple C library. it provides data structure handling and stl-like algo for C, portability wrappers and interfaces for such string format, mbcs,wide character conversion and user-defined error handling.RavenX was initially developed for and used by BitRaven--my slightly and fully featured bittorrent client. Now it contain the following characters: 0.01 doubly linked-list list-based queue list-based stack vect

Fallenspire - An RPG adventure game written in PyGame

OverviewMuch thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in this little project. Though it is more of a prototype demo at this stage, I plan on making small contributions on a regular basis so check back often. PlotThe world is twisted to madness, plagued by the living dreams of Zebertok - a demonic raven that slumbers at the center of the world. You are a sorcerer, specially chosen and trained to make the journey through the city of the dead and destroy the dark raven. But when your mentor di

Psycho-uesfmo - A website made to apply several psychological tests to students.

A website made to apply several psychological tests to students. Made as a University of El Salvador project, using VB.Net, CSharp.Net, ASP.Net and MySql to storage the data. The tests applied are the RAVEN and the CEPS.


Actya is an ASP.NET MVC Content Management System (CMS). It can be used standalone, but it's also easy to add it to an existing .NET application via NuGet. Actya uses the RavenDB document database to store its content so no database setup is required.

Ravenclaw - RavenClaw is a MUD engine written in C#

RavenClaw is a MUD engine written entirely in C#.It's goals are as follows:* To give a broad base of basic functionality in which a fully featured MUD can be developed.* The internal structure of the MUD should be easy to understand. This will help developers extend the engine as they see fit.* It should work in both Mono and the Windows .NET environment.* Development of game areas should be easy. Preferably, an import engine that works off an XML schema should be used.

RavenDB Notification

Notification plugin for RavenDB. With this plugin you are able to subscribe to insert and delete notifications from the RavenDB server. Very helpfull if you need to process new documents on the remote clients and you do not like to query DB for new changes.

raven-java - A Sentry client for Java

A Sentry client for Java