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- Embedded RavenDB in asp.net MVC - Generic Repository - Dependency Injection with Autofac




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Autofac - An addictive .NET IoC container

Autofac is an IoC container for Microsoft .NET. It manages the dependencies between classes so that applications stay easy to change as they grow in size and complexity. This is achieved by treating regular .NET classes as components. Need help with Autofac? We're ready to answer your questions on Stack Overflow. Adding ComponentsComponents are registered with a ContainerBuilder: var builder = new ContainerBuilder();Autofac can use a Linq expression, a Type, or a pre-built instance as a componen


Actya is an ASP.NET MVC Content Management System (CMS). It can be used standalone, but it's also easy to add it to an existing .NET application via NuGet. Actya uses the RavenDB document database to store its content so no database setup is required.

Nservicebus-contrib - NServiceBus Contributions and Extensions

UPDATE Now on GitHub Contributions and extensions to the NServiceBus project. Recent changes to the object builder extensibility model have resulted in changes to its contrib counterparts StructureMap and AutoFac Update Castle support now available "out of the box". New! AutoFac support for 1.9 see here New! StructureMap support for 1.9 see here

Net-ioc-frameworks - A feature tests of .NET IoC frameworks

The tests that were used to fill the blanks in my posts: Comparing .NET DI (IoC) Frameworks, Part 1 Comparing .NET DI (IoC) Frameworks, Part 2 Frameworks tested: Castle Unity Ninject Autofac StructureMap Spring.Net LinFu I am going to update tests occasionally (when the new framework versions come out).

Redbranch-canopy - Web framework for rapidly developing appliation on the asp.net mvc/couchdb stack.

RedBranch's Canopy web framework is combination of project template and support libraries for building web applications on a very specific technology stack: ASP.NET MVC with Spark View Engine. CouchDB with the RedBranch Hammock persistence engine. Autofac Inversion of Control Canopy is purposely modeled after Billy McCafferty's very excellent S#arp Architecture project, which has similiar aims but is built around NHibernate persistence.

Autofac for WindowsPhone7

This project hosts the releases for Autofac built for WindowsPhone7

NBlog : ASP.NET MVC 3.0 Blog Engine

NBlog is an experimental, lightweight blog engine built with ASP.NET MVC 3, Razor, jQuery and C#. It currently uses these components and technologies: - JSON storage - Markdown editor - Autofac IoC - AntiXSS - HTML5 & CSS3 - OpenID - NSubstitute - ELMAH

Bmbsqd-container - Simple, fast IoC container with excellent feature set

IOC Container with support for full lifetime management, decorators, fully type safe, early error reporting, very fast - single lookup and single casting for even the most complex constructor graphs. Check out the unit tests for more. A TDD-style project from Sweden Latest Performance Results (in milliseconds)ISimpleTransientClass CastleWindsor: 734 Autofac: 502 Unity: 335 StructureMap: 294 Bmbsqd: 32IDependantTransientClass CastleWindsor: 3318 Autofac: 1527 Unity: 1022 StructureMap: 575 Bmbsqd:

RavenDB Notification

Notification plugin for RavenDB. With this plugin you are able to subscribe to insert and delete notifications from the RavenDB server. Very helpfull if you need to process new documents on the remote clients and you do not like to query DB for new changes.