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A sequencer specialized for extended just intonation tuning systems. Rationale does not use scales, only collections of notes related by frequency ratio, infinitely transposable. Any rational frequency ratio can be an interval, but no tempered tunings.




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Kuabasubsystem - asdfasdf

This project focus on rationale development, he consists in extend the ArgoUml tool with a design rationale module. This design rationale module uses the Kuaba Ontology and must work with OWL and FLogic representation languages.

Kuaba-project - this is a design rationale project.

Using the Kuaba ontology to represent the design rationale of a software models.

Wordpress-jpa-support - JPA bindings for WordPress entities

These are JPA mappings and a few simple queries for a typical WordPress (3.0) database with possibly a few plugins, e.g NextGEN Gallery. This project is intended as a starting point for people who want to use WordPress as a CMS but need to generate the associated website(s) in Java. If you are interested in the rationale for this project's existence, read this blog post

Fap-lang - Scripting Language for Web Development

FAP Scripting Language---- FAP is a Web Scripting Language, very similar to PHP. The rationale behind this project is that PHP has a series of flaws; these flaws have become a core part of the language and will not be addressed in future releases without destroying backwards compatibility, which will never happen. This project aims to take the best features from PHP while addressing the design flaws. FAP aims to be simple to set up using any web server capable of using FastCGI. The project is cu

Feedformat - A php-based library for formatting for your website common syndication formats provided

This is a project to provide a basic set of php classes to display popular syndicated content from common websites like myspace, tribe.net, friendster and others.The rationale behind this project is that people have their blogs hosted on external popular websites and many times would like to display this blog on other sites. Also, popular services have varying levels of support for syndication standards, like RSS and atom, so this project works around these 'inconsistencies' to provide the most

Minix-vm - User-mode MINIX 3 for x86, PowerPC, and Alpha hosts (32 and 64-bit)

IntroductionMINIX-VM is a port of the MINIX 3 OS to run as a single user-mode process on an unmodified host OS. The goal is to provide a small, self-contained POSIX environment that will allow the same MINIX-VM executables and filesystem images to run on any host OS that MVM has been ported to. An extended rationale and initial design and implementation documents are coming soon, along with an initial source code import based on the work I have done so far.

Erlkad - a erlang kademlia library

erlkad is a kademlia library wirtten by erlang. This is my first project by erlang, if it's has some errors, pls contact me! Because my english is not so good, If I use english to describe this project, I think It will make some mistakes or ambiguity. So If you use english, what you have to do is just read the source code. the source code is according to the OTP design principles. You need some skills with erlang and kademlia rationale. recommend reading:Kademlia: A Peer-to-peer Information Syst

Textmetal - A zero friction open source text templating engine for .NET and Mono.

Executive SummaryTextMetal is a powerful text templating engine written in C# which uses an extensible XML-based dialect and is suitable for use in automation scenarios and code generation situations. Feel free to suggest improvements and submit bug reports using the Issues tool on the project web site. TextMetal DocumentationThe Rationale for TextMetal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Building from the Source Code Installing from the Package Running for the First Time Download and Play with Sa

Simple-serializer - Simple Serializer

The goals of this project are: # Create a simple, powerful and flexible serializer for C # Create a serializer that is stack/heap agnostic. The rationale for this goal is to make the serializer runnable on embedded systems where dynamic memory allocation is expensive and inefficient. Systems where malloc is buggy will benefit from this as well. # Create a serializer that is both space and memory efficient # Create a cross-platform serializer. The serializer must be written in standard vanilla C

Jshop2-rt - A fork off of the JSHOP2 HTN planner project optimized for real-time planning

SHOP2 (see http://www.cs.umd.edu/projects/shop/) is a hierarchical task network planning algorithm. The original JSHOP2 project is a high-performance precompiled port of the SHOP2 LISP implementation. Forking rationaleThe JSHOP2-RT branch is a fork of the original JSHOP2 code that contains optimizations towards real-time planning, primarily intended for use in games. The fork is primarily because the motivation is drawn away from research and off-line, long-running planning tasks, and towards a