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RASP's A Sneakernet Proxy; download using a thumbdrive.




Related Projects

Rubyrasp - RASP-machine on Ruby

OverviewRASP(Random Access Stored Program) machine implementation on Ruby. Can be used for launching and tracing RASP programs (for example, in academic purposes ;). How to useCreate a file with your code, for example: p.ram read 0write 0Type incoming tape info into `input.txt': 42Execute ruby go.rb p.ram to launch it. Result will be written to `output.txt'. fourdmac:rubyrasp fourdman$ ruby go.rb p.ram [nil, 2, 0, 3, 0]fourdmac:rubyrasp fourdman$ cat output.txt 42 You can find trace log in log.t

Raspcake - Parcer for rasp.yandex.ru

Пар�ер ра�пи�аний пригородных поездов � �айта rasp.yandex.ru Генерирует удобные дл� печати PDF � ра�пи�анием по в�ей линии


raspBerry+ is a web-based administration platform for Blackberry Enterprise Server for MS Exchange (BES). You can group-based activate/kill/delete/add and get status of users, their handhelds and services. With a little download-area and a comment-system

Train-schedule-widget - Widget for Android allows follow next electric trains (Russia)

Widget for Android OS, which shows next electric trains in major Russia cities. Using Rasp.Yandex

Grparse - GR-Based Improved Parse Selection

Grammar Relations (GRs) represent grammatical relations like subject, object presence in sentences. Parsers such as RASP (Robust Accurate Statistical Parser) are capable of identifying such relations and can generate several set of ranked parses that represent them. Previous research has shown that reranking these parses can improve the performance. The work described in this thesis investigates unsupervised methods for parses reranking. We assumed a frequent observation of a grammar relation be

rasp-api - RASP API Website

RASP API Website


RASP iPhone application

radio - Radio script for Rasp Pi

Radio script for Rasp Pi