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Rascal, the Advanced Scientific CALculator, is a platform independent modular calculator. Based on modules for integer, doubles, strings, vectors and matrices it can be easily extended with existing C or C++ code.




Related Projects

Casavir - Image sending and processing system for U of U rover

University of Utah RoboUtes project for cs4500. The RoboUtes are participating in a NASA RASC-AL Robo-Ops competition taking place in Houston Texas. Team Casavir is designing the video system, including controls for the cameras and the system to see the video here on the UofU Campus live from the competition. We will use this to compete against teams from other colleges. This system will work in a resource-intensive system, with limited cpu and bandwidth. We have built it to stream video with mi

Bazinga-jukebox - MPDJukebox - Bazinga!

Bazinga! is an easy to use MP3 player, specially designed for partys. Have you ever been pissed by people who skip tracks all the time, flood the playlist with the discography of Elton John and remove your tracks? There are four possible solutions: 1. Make a static playlist which can not be changed. (Worse things happen at sea.) 2. Kick the mob out of the window and listen to music on your own. (Things are getting worse.) 3. Get a DJ (big rascal)or... 4. Get Bazinga! Bazinga! is an easy to use,

RASCAL - RASCAL Computational Pipelin

RASCAL Computational Pipelin

SE - Rascal



Fork of the Openembedded build tool for the Rascal. The branch "rascal" has patches specific to the Rascal.

rascal-ossmeter-metrics - Metrics for the OSSMETER project implemented in Rascal

Metrics for the OSSMETER project implemented in Rascal

Lua_AiR - Lua Analysis in Rascal

Lua Analysis in Rascal

amundsen - Rascally robots and particle filters...

Rascally robots and particle filters...

red - The Rascal editor

The Rascal editor