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Related Projects

Likwid - Lightweight performance tools

NEWS (last update 8.2.2012): I am happy to announce release 2.3 of likwid If you encounter compile problems: This is due the inline functions in the power module which require a c99 standard compliant compiler. I probably make this inline functions normal functions to prevent complications. Highlights include: New application likwid-powermeter to measure Energy consumption on SandyBridge? (RAPL) and query turbo mode steps. RAPL counters are also integrated into likwid-perfctr Support for Intel S

librapl - Library for RAPL

Library for RAPL

papi-rapl - rapl component for PAPI

rapl component for PAPI

papi-rapl - Adding a RAPL component to PAPI.

Adding a RAPL component to PAPI.

Java-audio-utils - Java audio libraries (jaudiolibs)

JAudioLibsThis is a place for various audio related libraries being developed for the Praxis InterMedia System that may be of more general use. A common guiding principle of these projects is that they provide the simplest possible API based wherever possible around standard Java classes. JNAJackCurrent release: v1.0.120123 - ReleaseNotes JNAJack is a minimal object-oriented wrapper to the JACK Audio Connection Kit API. It uses Java Native Access (JNA) rather than custom JNI to interface with th


Librapl is a library that simplifies access to the RAPL values in MSR registers of modern Intel CPUs.

Intel-RAPL-via-Sysfs - Sysfs entries for Running Average Power Limit interfaces

Sysfs entries for Running Average Power Limit interfaces