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No 1 in Business Analytics: Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, ETL, Reporting, Dashboards in One Tool. 1000+ methods: data mining, business intelligence, ETL, data mining, data analysis + Weka + R, forecasting, visualization, business intelligence




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RapidAnalytics - Business Analytics

RapidAnalytics is the 1st open source server for data mining and business analytics. It is based on the world-leading data mining solution RapidMiner and includes ETL, data mining, reporting, dashboards in a single server solution.

Rapidminerhmm - RapidMiner HMM Plugin

Extends RapidMiner 5.0 (RM) with support for Hidden Markov Model. This project is an adapter of JAHMM library for the RM environemnt.

Hr-mental-health - classification of mental health in texts

Classifying mental health of authors by analyzing texts using SVM and other machine learning techniques

R4rm - A small plug-in that integrates R into RapidMiner

A small plug-in that integrates R into RapidMiner. It allows to ... embed R-snippets into a RapidMiner process ... visualize data with R within RM (with the option to include the plots into reports) ... do rapid-prototyping in R by means of a OpenInR operator which converts all its inputs into R-dataframes, creates a temporary workspace containing those, and finally opens the workspace in a new instance of R. Furthermore the plug-in provides a set of utility functions to ease the development of

Fondex - An extension of RapidMiner project.

Project's goal is to extend RapidMiner and to give it additional power in data mining.

Inqle - Intelligent Network of Querying and Learning Engines

inqle - [ing-kuhl] - intransitive verb to gain insight through cogitation, to get the first inkling of an idea INQLE (Intelligent Network of Querying and Learning Engines) is a free and open-source machine learning computer program, which uses automated agents to make discoveries. INQLE NewsNovember 29, 2009: INQLE 0.3.4 simplified some internal code, and changed the way datamodels are stored. October 7, 2009: Ernesto Reinaldo Barreiro joined the team! Now we can hope to benefit from his Wicket

Dmdsc - Driving Style Clustering

This is a project assigned within the Data Mining and Text Mining course at Politecnico di Milano.

Rapidminer-semweb - preprocessing operators for RapidMiner for improved learning on semanticweb

This project consist of two data transformation techniques FastMap and the Correspondence Analysis which are developed as RapidMiner 5.0 and 5.1 operators. Together with Feature vector generation operator, and a visualization operator for visualizing the distance matrix and the transformed data matrix, and data refinement operator. These data transformation techniques uses the four distance metrics Levenshtein, Dice-coefficient, VDM and VDM-SetValue which are also the part of the project. These