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Program for ranking of images and videos based on the GTKmm library. Highly configurable. Support for pairwise ranking and ranking by greater audience.




Related Projects


ListNetRanker is a listwise ranker based on machine learning. Given documents and query's feature set, ListNetRanker will rank these documents by ranking score.

Mili - Minimal headers-only C++ Library

AbstractMiLi is a collection of useful C++ libraries, composed only by headers. No installation, no makefile, no complications: just KISS. Simple solutions for simple problems. LibrariesMiLi version 16 includes the following libraries (one header file length each): bitwise-enums: library for type-safe bitwise operations based on enums. pre-pos caller: library for wrapping object methods calls. promotion-disable: library for disabling undesired C++ type conversions. delete-container: deletes the

Statopenccg - A perceptron parse re-ranker for OpenCCG

A perceptron re-ranker (a la Collins and Roark, 2004) for ranking the parse outputs of OpenCCG. This code is obsolete. It is currently out-of-date w.r.t. the current version of OpenCCG. You should visit the current OpenCCG Sourceforge page (http://sourceforge.net/projects/openccg/) for a more up-to-date parsing and generation suite with supertagging and parse/realisation reranking capabilities.

University-research-ranker - Final year project - University Research Ranker

What is it?My final year project, to rank universities by research output How does it work?When provided with two college staff list web page addresses, it will extract their names via regexp, and then query each staff member on Google Scholar in order to compare the number of papers produced and citations for each paper. This data is then used to compare the two faculties on a bar chart What does it look like?This:

Baffler - Ranks Fantasy Football analyst's weekly rankings for accuracy and consistency

Every week in Fantasy Football, several "experts" submit their weekly ranking order of players for that week. The Baffler attempts to rank Fantasy Football analysts by how accurate their weekly projections are so FFL managers know which analysts are hot and which ones are not!

Django-rangevoting - range-based voting w/ ranking support

django-rangevotingdjango-rangevoting allows flexible voting on django objects and includes a pluggable ranking backend to make writing custom ranking algorithms easy. This project is 100% "under development", so watch your fingers around the rough edges. Before you ask "why not just fork django-voting", let me say: I wanted to use an aggregate table django-voting probably could've been extended fairly easily, but I'd prefer to start from scratch. SetupAdd rangevoting to INSTALLED_APPS: INSTALLED

Jagster - Judiciously Arranged Global Search-Term Evaluative Ranker

#JAGSTER: Judiciously Arranged Global Search-Term Evaluative Ranker IntroductionIf you've arrived at this page, no doubt you have been reading Robert J Sawer's WWW Trilogy. My brother got me this book for Christmas we inspired me to buy the jagster.org domain name and redirect to this page. ..and yes, I realize the irony of using google code to create a potential competitor for google :-) http://www.sfwriter.com/2009/12/jagster-lives.html DetailsJAGSTER is an open source search engine imagined b

Androiddumpster - www.newjeseywastedisposal.com

anything an android can noy use put in a dumpster www.njwastedisposal.com Share / SaveE-mailAdd to Favorites Facebook Delicious Yahoo Buzz MySpace Windows Live Favorites Yahoo Bookmarks Mister-WongGoogle ReaderNetvibes ShareDailyMeTechNetArtoSmakNewsAIMIdenti.caBlogger PostMixxTechnorati FavoritesShoutwireJumptagsHemidemiInstapaperXerpiWinkBibSonomyBlogMarksStartAidKhabbrYoolinkTechnotizieMultiplyPlaxo PulseSquidooBlinklistYiGGSegnaloYouMobFarkJamespotTwiddlaMindBodyGreenHuggNowPublicTumblrCurre

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