Random Data Generator

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Data Generator for SQL Server allowing users create insert statements for test databases




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Datagen - Random Data Generator

This software can be used to generate random data for databases, files etc.

Random-data-generator - Java Library used to instantiate Objects with random data

WhatSimple Test or "Sample" boostrapping library which allows you to instantiate objects (think your domain model) with random sample data. I created this for two reasons. I want to "seed" a database with a lot of random Data for testing, but through my JPA layer, not just XML in using DBUnit etc I also want to initiate an application for "production" with sample data. So the library is not just for Testing, but for Quasi Testing. What Data Types do You Support ?As this is about generating rando

Coldfusionrandomdatagenerator - Coldfusion Random Data Generator (Gazoo) creates highly random, high

General testing, unit-testing, and load-testing are complicated without random data with various possibilities to test against. Client presentations are made more difficult without readable information that shows how a final website or software application may display data. The Coldfusion Random Data Generator (Gazoo 0.9.5) tries to simplify both by providing highly random, highly readable data. Random Data Generation includes the following: -Images (includes a batch image converter) --Regular S

RandomDataGenerator - Generates Random data for testing purposes

Generates Random data for testing purposes