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RANDI2 is a web-based software for randomizing subjects for clinical trials. Its development started originally at University of Heidelberg (Germany) and Heilbronn University (Germany). For more information visit our website (http://randi2.org)




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Isapi-wsgi - An ISAPI WSGI Handler

The new hosting location for isapi-wsgi. Latest Release: 0.4.2 12 April 2010 Description: An implementation of WSGI (PEP 333) for running as a ISAPI extension under IIS. WSGI is considered as important standard for the future of web deployed Python code. There are implementations for CGI, mod python, twisted, jython etc but at the start of development there was not one using ISAPI for IIS. The goal of this project is to provide one. It is dependant on Mark Hammond's Python win32 isapi extension.

Hejtcs373proj2 - Primes

Randy Hejtmanek's CS373:Software Engineering Project 2 page.

Gadzlend - Components for Talend designed by Gadz.org team

Components for Talend designed by Gadz.org teamGoogle Apps componentsComponents are based on Randy Smith vuser project http://search.cpan.org/~rsmith/ gaAccount Manage GoogleApps account (Create/Update/Delete) gaAccountStatus Manage GoogleApps account status (Delete/Suspend/Restore) gaAccountInfo Recover GoogleApps account information gaAccountList Recover GoogleApps account list gaEmailList Manage GoogleApps EmailList gaEmailListRecipient Manage GoogleApps EmailList Recipients Geoloc Components

Bmr-android - Bama Mobile Registration for the Android platform

The Bama Mobile Registration project was a part of a project for CS-415: Software Engineering under Randy K. Smith for the Fall 2009 semester at the University of Alabama. The project goal was to create a native means to register for classes on both the Windows Mobile and Android platforms. A team of programmers were assigned to each platform. This project is the Android implementation. Part of the Android team's goals was to keep the project open-source. For the scope of the class, the final pr

Tc4-shield - Homeroasters.org open source 4 channel ADC shield for Arduino

TC4 Digital Thermometer and Temperature Controller Updates to the TC4 application software for compatibility with Arduino 1.0 are now available.(go to the downloads page) Version 5.20 of the TC4 shield is now available. Homeroasters.org project to develop hardware and software for roast temperature monitoring and control. Click here for information about ordering TC4 system circuit boards. Bare PCB's, PCB's with all surface mount chips pre-soldered, DIY kits, and ready to run TC4C boards are ava

Scummvm-dgds - Dynamix Game Development System (DGDS) Engine Implementation for ScummVM

DescriptionThe Dynamix Game Development System (DGDS) is an engine originally created by Dynamix for the games Rise of the Dragon, The Adventures of Willy Beamish and Heart of China. This engine is a continuation of the progress originally made by jvprat, who has done some excellent work on getting a resource management sub-system started. Below is an interview with Kevin Ryan, one of the developers and owners of Dynamix that provides a bit of insight into the product development and history: In

randi3 - RANDI2 (from version 0.9)

RANDI2 (from version 0.9)

randi3-core - Core module from RANDI2

Core module from RANDI2

randi3-edc - OpenClinica module from RANDI2

OpenClinica module from RANDI2

randi3-methods - Randomization methods for RANDI2 (>=v0.9)

Randomization methods for RANDI2 (>=v0.9)