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Raja stands for quot;Ray-Tracer in Javaquot;. The Raja project intends to build a complete modern Ray-Tracer using the Java language.




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SharePoint Dynamic Forms

The primary objective of this project is to provide a dynamic data entry screen for SharePoint 2010.

Raja-widget - testing opensocial api

just testing open social api, no real work

Bloggermag - BloggerMag Magazine style Blogger Templates

BloggerMag Magazine style Blogger Templates from Spicytricks.com By Raja CRN.Just download and use.This template is very useful for Tutorial and Magazine style Blogger blogs

Logviewapp - This will help you to view your server logs.

Usually in production servers, support guys wont get read access to the logs. This application will help you to view the logs in explorer itself.

wvdial with support for software flow control and asyncmaps

Previous wvdial released uses hard coded hardware flow control, this updated wvdial release adds support for config based flow control. 1.6 ( 2011 ) - Added support to config sciprt(wvdial.conf) for flow control Default is hardware flow control Added 2 config options, namely "Software Flow = <yes, no>" and "Asyncmap = <32 bit hex value>" Default is Software Flow = no and if Software Flow control is used default Asyncmap is "0x000a0000" which uses XON as 0x11 and XOFF as 0x13, Raja Jamwal <linux1

Jprime - Phylogenetics library in Java

What is JPrIME?JPrIME is a small Java complement to the considerably more extensive C++ library PrIME developed by people in computational biology at KTH and Stockholm University, spearheaded by Jens Lagergren, Lars Arvestad and Bengt Sennblad. Large parts of JPrIME can be attributed to Joel Sjöstrand. More recent contributors are Raja Hashim Ali, Owais Mahmudi and Ikram Ullah. Both PrIME and JPrIME deal with tools for phylogenetics; the emphasis being on probabilistic models which often employ

Tool-exser - A standalone tool to mine protein data bank (PDB) for secondary structural elements

Detailed structural analyses of protein necessitate investigation at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, respectively. Analysis of protein secondary structures pave way for understanding the type of secondary structural elements involved (α-helices, β-strands etc.), the number and length of the respective elements and the amino acid sequences that encode the secondary structural elements. Here we present a standalone tool entitled “ExSer� which facilitates an automated extraction of th

Spysym - SpySym007 Spyware Symptom driver

Spysym 007 is a mini filter file system that prevents kernel level execution of executable code and files from the removable devices, thus preventing possible malware infection. spysym007 insists on using data archives{.zip,.rar,.tar..} for data sharing. Following extensions are prevented from execution RTL_CONSTANT_STRING( L"ade"), RTL_CONSTANT_STRING( L"adp"), RTL_CONSTANT_STRING( L"bas"), RTL_CONSTANT_STRING( L"bat"), RTL_CONSTANT_STRING( L"chm"), RTL_CONSTANT_STRING( L"cmd"), RTL_CONSTANT_ST