RabbIT proxy

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RabbIT is a web proxy designed to speed up surfing over slow links. It acomplishes this by removing unwanted content, compression and real time image conversion.




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Rabbitmq-memcached - A memcached compatible interface for RabbitMQ

What is RabbitMQ-memcachedRabbitMQ is a complete and highly reliable enterprise messaging system based on the emerging AMQP standard. Even the AMQP standard is very powerful, it also means that we should introduce a new complicated protocol and a lot concepts, such as exchange, queue, vhost and binding etc. So, why not just reuse a simple and well known protocol, like memcache, get and put the message with any client language. The rabbitmq-memcached project is a memcached adapter for the RabbitM


Nabaztools is a set of tools for the Nabaztag wifi rabbit. It contains a filtering proxy to add some features to your rabbit and to use it without the violet server .

Chunksofcode - personal collection of tools and projects used to study and work

ChunksOfCodethis "project" is a set of my projects (tools, utilities, games, demos, junk, ...) created mostly for learning purposes, some code was written for me dealing with my pc. GAMESmines/minesweeper game with swing gui (and as ajax-browsergame: web-wings-mines) schnellen-core/card game "tiroler schnellen", with a commandline ui. lifesimulator/swing app showing the life of foxes and rabbits. rabbits are eaten by the foxes. demonstrates usage of the paint(Graphics) app-rubic-cube/(not yet ru

Rocksteady - Making sense with metrics

Rocksteady is a java application that reads metrics from RabbitMQ, parse them and turn them into events so Esper(CEP) can query against those metric and react to events match by the query. OverviewRocksteady is an effort to utilize complex event process engine to analyze user defined metric. End goal is to derive root cause conclusion based on metric driven events. Rocksteady is only the metric analysis part of the whole picture, but we also present a solution including metric convention, metric


ZyMS is a network appliance, based on the RabbIT proxy, that provides compression of the http traffic exchanged between a mobile terminal and a web site.

rabbit - rabbit proxy server

rabbit proxy server

jabbit - Jabber via RabbitMQ proxy.

Jabber via RabbitMQ proxy.

rabbitbal - RabbitMQ-based Reverse Proxy

RabbitMQ-based Reverse Proxy


Proxy the authentication requests to a queue

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