bit reordering compression

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Fast and efficient proprietary bit reordering compression. Usefull for compressing binary-text files. Uses binary vectors reordering and dynamic data dictionary. (



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MZ� #3; #4; ÿÿ ¸ @ ¸ #14;#31;º#14; ´\t�!¸#1;L�!This program cannot be run in DOS mode. $ �ŠùÛËë—ˆËë—ˆËë—ˆH÷™ˆÊë—ˆ¢ôžˆÊë—ˆ"ôšˆÊë—ˆRichËë—ˆ PE L#1;#3; (˜�L à #15;#1;#11;#1;#6; ð ð x#17; #16; #1; @ #16; #16; #4; #1; #4; ð#1; #16; µI#2; #2; #16; #16; #16; #16; #16; $ò ( #16;#1; ÔÒ (#2; #16; ˆ .text Üä #16; ð #16; .data ð\t #1; #16; #1; @ À.rsrc ÔÒ #16;#1; à #16;#1; @ @lÚ[J#16; MSVBVM60.DLL †“£rù\t£rt‹¤rº#2;£rA\t£rt¢¡rn#2;£rñŸ¡r#6;#3;£r#6;#4;£rî�£rêb£rt› rö\t£r‡› r“•£r…š rßG¢r‰#6;£rº#3;£r#19;u¤r+

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“待月西厢下,迎风户�开,隔墙花影动,疑是玉人�。� West-chamber is a research project for the detection and circumvention against hostile intrusion detection and disruption, especially the Great Firewall of China. 西厢计划是一个对敌对入侵检测和干扰行为进行检测和规�的研究计划。主�的研究对象是GFW。 西厢计划的项目组�: trunk/west-chamber - 基于netfilter/xtables的内核模�:Klzgrad和yingyingcui trunk/west-chamb

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