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This project served as repository of public knowledge about graphics cards manufactured by ATI, in particular R300 and later cards. As of long ago the development is done as part of DRI and XOrg projects.




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Freeregex - regex test on linux

NewsMigrate to autotoolsUse autotools to manage codes. It's very easy. haha!!!!!!! Release freeregex 0.1The first version is publiched. Let's try it. OverviewThis tool services for developers. Developers could use it to test the regular expression pattern match. Now it's not support PCRE, in the future I will finish the demand. Example[root@httpd src]# ./freeregex -r 2.. -s 300pattern: 2..source: 300300 don't match 2..

Space-man - Das Multi-Downloadportal

Was ist Space-Man?Space-Man ist ein Downloadportal. Wie bekomme ich Space-Man?Moementan lohnt es sich noch nicht für uns das Script zum Download zu stellen denn das Script bietet noch zu wenig funktionen. Aber es ist geplant dass es ab Version 3.0.0 runterladbar ist. mehr InformationenDie Aktuelle Liste was getan ist, und was getan werden soll: ToDo

Newhall - Newhall Simulation Model

The Newhall ModelNewhall is a Java implementation of Franklin Newhall's model for soil moisture regime determination. This implementation stems directly from the Wambeke BASIC version of the Newhall simulation model, which was a BASIC reimplementation of the original COBOL version. The model functions by taking temperature and precipitation data from a point location, interpreted as monthly averages, and simulates the behavior of the moisture profile. It functions off the concept of horizontal m

Edb-php-class - EDB Php Database Class

EDB is Php -> Mysql Database class.Latest Version v-0.1.3 About: Its very lightweight, simple, and easy to use, good start for begginers. Multi database Support. Edb class is only 5Kb. UsageConnection #1 $db = new edb('example.com','username','password','databasename');Connection #2 $config = array('example.com','username','password','databasename');$db = new edb($config);Select from table #1 $result = $db->q("select * from `users`limit 3");foreach($result as $a){\techo $a['name'].' '.$a['surnam

Js-bezier-functions - Javascript Bezier Functions & Working Examples

Beziér Curves & DHTML You’ve no doubt already heard of Beziér curves and seen them being used in graphics packages and computer games. You may have even thought of using them to perform animations and transitions in DHTML, but maybe you were daunted by the complex mathematics involved. While the underlying principles are reasonably advanced, it is not necessary for you to understand the Beziér Functions in order to use them. Beziér functions can be used to generate a wide range of shapes,

Dc-pyps - A collection of tools for scientific research on ion channels.

DC_PyPsIntroductionThe goal of DC_PyPs is to provide a collection of tools for scientific research on ion channels. The package is derived from the DCPROGS suite (http://www.ucl.ac.uk/Pharmacology/dcpr95.html) and will consist of a Python port and wrap of Fortran code with ~30 years usage at University College London. The rationale is to preserve and cultivate these tools for future research applications. The included programs are used to process raw data, to plot and fit dwell time distribution

Simple-heartbeat - Simple, pure python implementation of a cluster singleton

AbstractGoal is to have a service running on exactly one machine in a two-member cluster. I did not find something like this so I just created it. It is certainly not full-blown (only two cluster members, for example). ImplementationGenerally, the two cluster members are peers and make out the supervisor and worker roles on their own. Process detection is done via TCP connections. The script allows for the configuration of the command to run, the intervals where peers check their counterpart, an

Ruby-math-3d - Ruby Math Module for 3D Applications

SummaryA math module for 3D game programming and computer graphics. FeaturesSupports frequently-used vector and matrix classesRMtx3 (3x3 matrix) RMtx4 (4x4 matrix) RQuat (Quaternion) RVec3 (3 element vector) RVec4 (4 element vector) Two implementations that are interchangeable with each otherRMath.so : Ruby extension library for faster execution. RMath.rb : Ruby implemantation for debugging use. Building RMath.soFor mkmf users$ ruby extconf.rb $ make For Windows users, type commands below via th

Mcdu-a306 - BE-Project

BE-Project begins its first project: Developping a simulation of the Airbus A300-600R's MCDU for Flight Simulator SSW model using Microsoft ESP SDK 1.0