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R3-born is modular content management system suitable for personal websites or modest community websites. Many blocks and modules are available including Comments, Downloads, Forum, Pages, Trackbacks, Weblinks and Weblogs management.




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R3-born2 - Minerva R3-born 2 is modular content management system suitable for personal websites or

R3-born is modular content management system suitable for personal websites or modest community websites. Many blocks and modules are available including Comments, Downloads, Forum, Pages, Trackbacks, Weblinks and Weblogs management.

Orderbox - Interface de commande tactile pour bar et restaurants

Ce projet est le résultat final du projet Ingénieur de 6 élèves de l'école d'ingénieur ESIGELEC, promo 2010. Le projet consiste à réaliser un boitier de commande à destination des bars et des restaurants. Au lieu de passer obligatoirement par le serveur, le client utilise la borne et commande par l'intermédiaire de l'interface de commande. Cette dernière permet de commander un ensemble de produits qu'a saisi le gérant de l'établissement via une interface dédiée. Le client peut aus

Crm-car-tunisia - program that improves customer relationships in car repair garage by helping the d

Projet : Programme pour centre de diagnostique, Le projet vise les points suivants : - Gestion des demandes d'intervention - Gestion de la relation client (CRM : client relation management) - GMAO : Gestion de maintenance assisté par ordinateur Le programme va être utilisé moyennant : - Une application standard sur PC, - Une borne tactile (écran sans clavier) qui sera connecté par réseau, - Une application Iphone, - Une application Android, - Une application J2ME qui se connecte moyennant

Weathertime - Weather forecasting screensaver plugin for Logitech's Slimserver/SqueezeCenter

If you are looking for the version of WeatherTime for SqueezeCenter7, head over to the Featured Downloads to your right and grab Plugins-WeatherTime-Plugin rNN.zip. Alternatively you can add the URL http://weathertime.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/repo.xmlto your Extension Downloader configuration within Squeezecenter and automagically stay up-to-date with future releases. WeatherTime is a screensaver to show graphical weather forecasts along with the current date and time on Slim Devices great netwo

Propcomp - Totem Entity Development Kit

Totem EDK - a component based entity system using shared propertiesTotem is an Entity Development Kit designed from the idea of writing an intuitive API for Entity behavior and property definition through aggregation. An Entity consist of multiple components that defines it's behavior, while referencing necessary properties of the Entity required for each behavior to function. The approach originated from the realization that the most common relationship between components in an Entity, is the r

Fever-rs3 - ActionScript 3 Development Framework

Fever RS3 was born. But what is Fever RS3 ? A new Audi Sportcar special edition ? not really ;) Fever RS3 is a new Fever version, R ework in action S cript 3 based on Lowra project, RS3 try to give : based tools for website / application, like data validation, keyboard managment, tween engine features to our development like analytic tracking, history managment I.O.C support and extensions based on Lowra architecture freedom, as we never use dedicated Flex frameworks All work is not done yet, st

Biocaster-ontology - The BioCaster Ontology is a multilingual application ontology aimed at the earl

The BioCaster Ontology (BCO) aims to (a) describe the terms and relations necessary to detect and risk assess public health events in the grey literature at an early stage; (b) bridge the gap between the (multilingual) grey literature and existing standards in biomedicine; (c) to be open source and freely available for general usage. In contrast to other ontologies that describe infectious diseases, the BCO focusses on the usage of terms and relations within informal unstructured reports which a

Aktifboxcms - A Sexy Opensource Content Management Systems

Unknown end tag for </a>Unknown end tag for </div> Products Documentation And Live Demo You Can Access Here: http://www.aktifbox.com/ Proud To Says That We Are The Developer Of: http://www.thc.nl.ae/ http://www.safe2u.biz/ http://www.myjob.com.my/ http://www.fifihair.com/ Unknown end tag for </p> On late 2006 R. AIDY (Edward C.) A Malaysian Born Based Web Developer, developed a Jscripts Apps which he called 'HTMLRUS' and later on changing his mind on renaming his "WySiWyG EDITOR APPS" to "OnePoi

Tapestrytools - Eclipse XML editor based Tapestry visual editor

NOTEIf you are interested in Eclipse WTP based TapestryTools, you can get the relative info here, but we will not update this old version TapestryTools. This year, we will create a brand new XML editor based lightweight TapestryTools. You can find the design details in the following words. GSoC 2012 project proposal - Lightweight TapestryToolsNOTEGSoC 2012 project proposal - LightweightAbstractDetail DescriptionNew Lightweight DesignProject Feature List1. Easy to install and Easy to upgrade2. Ta

Scummvm-dgds - Dynamix Game Development System (DGDS) Engine Implementation for ScummVM

DescriptionThe Dynamix Game Development System (DGDS) is an engine originally created by Dynamix for the games Rise of the Dragon, The Adventures of Willy Beamish and Heart of China. This engine is a continuation of the progress originally made by jvprat, who has done some excellent work on getting a resource management sub-system started. Below is an interview with Kevin Ryan, one of the developers and owners of Dynamix that provides a bit of insight into the product development and history: In