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R2HTML is a package for R, which includes HTML function and methods to output R objects to HTML. Allow for redirection on the fly. A driver for Sweave allows to parse HTML flat files containing R code and to automatically write the corresponding outputs.




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A rapid psexec style attack with samba tools

Dompdf - HTML to PDF converter (PHP5)

dompdf is an HTML to PDF converter. At its heart, dompdf is (mostly) CSS 2.1 compliant HTML layout and rendering engine written in PHP. It is a style-driven renderer: it will download and read external stylesheets, inline style tags, and the style attributes of individual HTML elements. It also supports most presentational HTML attributes. PDF rendering is currently provided either by PDFLib or by a bundled version the R&OS CPDF class written by Wayne Munro. (Some important changes have been mad

Rsession - Java wrapper to R

Rsession: R sessions wrapping for JavaRsession provides an easy to use java class giving access to remote or local R session. The back-end engine is Rserve 0.6, locally spawned automatically if necessary. Rsession differs from Rserve as it is a higher level API, and it includes server side startup of Rserve. Therefore, it is easier to use in some point of vue, as it provides a multi session R engine (including for Windows, thanks to an ugly turn-around). Another alternative is JRI, but it does n

Xml2dict - Use attributes of dictionary to access xml elements

See also: http://lxml.de/objectify.html For latest, please refer to https://github.com/nkchenz/lhammer ExamplesXML2Dict: fromstring # Parse a given string parse #Parse a given file from xml2dict import XML2Dictif __name__ == '__main__': s = """<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <result> <count n="1">10</count> <data><id>491691</id><name>test</name></data> <data><id>491692</id><name>test2</name></data> <data><id>503938</id><name>hello, world</name></data> </result>""" xml = XML2Dict() r = xm

Spinn3r-client - Client bindings to access the Spinn3r crawler service.

Spinn3r APIThis projects implements client bindings to access the Spinn3r web service. All of our drivers will be released under the Apache 2.0 license. The APL is a very liberal license and basically allows customers and researchers using the Spinn3r API to build whatever type of application they want on top of our platform without having to worry about legal and licensing implications. OverviewThe Spinn3r API is a firehose API of live weblog, microblog, and social media content and is fetched

Pyquivalence - Equivalence relations in Python

equivalence is a Python module for building equivalence relations, partitionings of objects into sets that maintain the equivalence relation properties (reflexivity, symmetry, transitivity). Two objects are considered equivalent either explicitly, after being merged, or implicitly, through a key function. You may download the latest stable release, or just get the development version as a single, self-contained file. UsagePython 2.5.1 (r251:54863, May 8 2007, 14:46:30)[GCC 3.4.6 20060404 (Red Ha

Gamecomp - Team NaN&#39;s Development page

Dates00:00 UTC 2010-08-22 to 00:00 UTC 2010-08-29. T e a m P r e s e n t sLibsWe probably will use the following libs pygame 1.9.1 http://www.pygame.org/download.shtml pyglet 1.1.4 http://pyglet.org/download.html cocos2d 0.4.0 http://cocos2d.org/download.html maybe: pgreloaded (pygame 2) http://code.google.com/p/pgreloaded/ Panda3d 1.7.0 http://www.panda3d.org/ Remember to clean out your site-packages directory to make sure you are using the right versions. Current Screen

Sk8r - A skateboard game

A skateboard game. sk8rA person who skates, used by on-line chatters, who probably don't skate much at all, this word is typically found in chat rooms floating around with alot of other wannabes. Alice: I like going to the mall. Sk8rJoe: yah i sk8ted there before. I have sk8d for like years, so im really good. Alice: Are you a sk8rboy? Sk8rJoe: yah im so cool, i like did an ollie. once. Alice: Wow your so cool! Sk8rJoe: Yah i know., but i fell. from Urban Dictionary

Sp2htmlserver - SP2HTMLServer

Sp2HTMLServerSp2HTMLServer è parte integrante del sistema client-server Sp2HTML che viene utilizzato per la stampa remota di documenti basati sui tracciati di stampa dello SPIGA X III. Attualmente infatti, con l'esigenza di stampe più elaborate graficamente, i tracciati di stampa dello SPIGA X III non sono più sufficienti. Questa applicazione permette (in coppia con il tool Sp2HTMLClient) di inviare dal server Unix/Linux su cui è installato lo SPIGA X III le stampe direttamente a terminali r

Lumontsp - A multi aproach to solving the tsp

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