RAT - Refractor2 Archive Tool

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Refractor2 Archive Tool is a multiplatform tool for extracting Refractor2 archives (rfa).




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MuldeR's OpenSource projectsLameXP - A new multi-threaded GUI for the LAME, Ogg/Vorbis and FLAC audio encoders MPlayer for Windows - The complete all-in-one installer for the famous OpenSource media player Avidemux for Win32 - Free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks MakeInstantPlayer - Convert your media files to self-running executables UHARC/GUI - Graphical user interface for the UHARC file archiver and many more.. For more information visit the website at:

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Açıklama: gfh-araci(Gelişmiş Fiziksel Hesaplama Aracı), fiziksel cisimler için hesaplama yapan basit bir bilgisayar uygulamasıdır. 0.2 Sürümü Hazır! 3'ü 2 boyutlu, 3'ü 3 boyutlu olmak üzere toplam 6 cisimde hesaplama yapabiliyorsunuz. Bu tüm hesaplamaları görsel olarak görüp, değerleri değiştirip otomatik hesaplama yapabiliyorsunuz. Her değeri seçtiğinizde otomatik sizin için hesaplama ve çizimi yapıyor. Ayrıca "G" butonuna basarak bütün sürümleri görebilirsini

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Português do Brasil Esse projeto é um simulador simples de uma arquitetura CISCDescrição básicaArquitetura acadêmica. Arquitetura de 16 bits. Instruções com opcodes de 10 bits, 6 bits para operandos Operandos imediatos estão na palavra seguinte à instrução. 5 Registradores de uso geral (R0 até R4). 2 Registradores de trabalho (Rx e RData). 1 DRAM configurável (expansível por módulos). English This project is a simple simulator of a CISC architectureBasic descriptionAcademic archi

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rSpec port for java. It is implemented as a thin layer on top of Junit Assert utility. package com.jaspec;import static com.jaspec.Jaspec.*;import org.junit.Test;import java.util.ArrayList;import java.util.Arrays;import java.util.HashMap;import java.util.List;public class TestJaspec { @Test public void types() { $(2).should_be_instanceof(Integer.class); $(2).should_not_be_instanceof(String.class); } @Test public void equality() { $(2).should_be(2); $(2).should_not_be(3); } @Test public void bool

Regexp-me - Regular expressions implementation for Java Me platform.

Regexp-me is a Java Me (j2me) regular expression package based on Jakarta Regexp. Regexp-me is CLDC1.0 compatible and has partial Unicode support. UsageFirst you need to import me.regexp package: import me.regexp.*;Here is the basic example of pattern matching: RE r = new RE("abc(\\\\w*)"); // Create new patternif (r.match("abcdefg")) // Match pattern System.out.println("oh yeah!"); // Oh Yeah!More examples here. See API Documentation. UnicodeTo turn on Unicode support in source code you need to

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Project BabelOverviewProject Babel is a software package to create and support communities. FeaturesRunning on all platforms that supports PHP/MySQL Simplistic look-n-feel Unicode storage High performance via multiple cache back-ends: Memcached, File, HEAP AJAX Provide blog hosting to members Comprehensive system status report Easy to understand and expand via PHP5 OOP style source code Use of mod_rewrite makes URLs search engine friendly and usable Mash-ups with Flickr, Google, Last.fm, Skype,

R-u-dead-yet - HTTP POST Denial of Service tool

R-U-Dead-Yet, or RUDY for short, implements the generic HTTP DoS attack via long form field submissions. More technical details about layer-7 DDoS attacks can be found in this OWASP lecture: http://www.hybridsec.com/papers/OWASP-Universal-HTTP-DoS.ppt This tool runs with an interactive console menu, automatically detecting forms within given URL, and allowing the user to choose which forms and form fields are desirable to use for the POST attack. In addition, the tool offers unattended execution

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This package takes a completely new and different approach in wrapping OpenCV from traditional swig-based and ctypes-based approaches. It is intended to be a successor of ctypes-opencv and to provide Python bindings for OpenCV 2.x. Ctypes-based approaches like ctypes-opencv, while being very flexible at wrapping functions and structures, are weak at wrapping OpenCV's C++ interface. On the other hand, swig-based approaches flatten C++ classes and create countless memory management issues. In PyOp

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NAMEparpush - Secure parallel transfer of files between clusters via SSH SYNOPSIS parpush [options] 'sourcefile' cluster1:path1 cluster2:path2 ... # For instance, the command: parpush somefile # is equivalent to: # scp somefile # scp somefile # scp somefile # scp somefile # scp somefile # You need t

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Python-Colormathpython-colormath is a python module that abstracts common color math operations. For example, converting from CIE L*a*b to XYZ, or from RGB to CMYK. Rather than learn the complex math needed to carry out such conversions, the operations are simplified out to something like: >>> from colormath.color_objects import XYZColor>>> color = XYZColor(0.1, 0.2, 0.3)>>> rgb = color.convert_to('rgb', target_rgb='sRGB')>>> print '(%d, %d, %d)' % (rgb.rgb_r, rgb.rgb_g, rgb.rgb_b)(0, 10, 12)In