Remote Services for OSGi

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Remote Services for OSGi provides a transparent way to access services on remote OSGi platforms. Additionally, it can interact with the EventAdmin service to deliver events between distributed frameworks.



Related Projects

Apache Felix - OSGi framework implementation and related technologies

Apache Felix is a community effort to implement the OSGi R4 Service Platform. The OSGi specifications originally targeted embedded devices and home services gateways, but they are ideally suited for any project interested in the principles of modularity, component-orientation, and/or service-orientation. OSGi technology combines aspects of these aforementioned principles to define a dynamic service deployment framework that is amenable to remote management.

Guava-osgi - An OSGi bundle for the Guava project

Update Site URL: is a repackaging of the Guava project, which hosts some of Google's core Java libraries, as an OSGi bundle for you to use in your Eclipse projects! The update site provides SDK (with sources and Javadoc) and Runtime (binary only) features for the following releases: guava-r11.0.1 guava-r11 guava-r10.0.1 guava-r10 guava-r09 guava-r08 guava-r07 guava-r06 guava-r05 guava-r04 guava-r03 The bundles are available within the p2

Maexo - Management Extensions for OSGi

MAEXO - Management Extensions for OSGiThe MAEXO project enables JMX based management of OSGi containers and applications. It offers an easy to use programming model for dealing with JMX resources within an OSGi application. As a showcase, the framework is used to export core OSGi services and resources to JMX. The project aims at portability, minimal dependencies and user-friendliness. The project consists of: The Switch Board bundle: The MAEXO core component to link MBeans, MBean Notifications,

Eccos - An integration platform for Ajax business applications

eccOS is for business applications what Eclipse is for developer tools. Using R-OSGi, we integrate different business oriented applications seanlessly into one single user desktop. For more information refer to

Peaberry - dynamic service extension for Google-Guice

peaberry 1.2 is now available on Maven Central. The peaberry project is an extension library for Google-Guice that supports dependency injection of dynamic services. It provides OSGi integration out of the box, and has plug-in support for other registry-based service frameworks. It ships as an OSGi bundle that can be dropped into any R4 framework, such as Apache Felix or Eclipse/Equinox. You can also use peaberry outside of OSGi. current status The Guice trunk (which will become 2.0) now include

Concierge OSGi

Concierge OSGi is an OSGi (Open Service Gateway Initiative) R3 framework implementation optimized for resource-constrained devices like mobile and embedded systems.

Fabr3c - facebook meets rcp client

fabric client platform - as described in the summary - eclipse's rcp is crossed with the facebook platform and fabric is concieved - the first r3cp -- (reliable, restful, rich) client platform :) a vanilla rcp app that invokes the facebook platform's rest api's. the code base adheres to all the layering conventions that are found in a typical rcp app -- the model, core, ui, jface viewers, workbench and platform layers.

Concierge-tools-for-eclipse - Concierge Tools for Eclipse

Concierge OSGi Development Tools consist of a set of plug-ins that facilitate the creation and launch of OSGi applications on Concierge.

Astenn - Lightweight distributed and interoperable plugin system for Java and .NET

IntroductionAstenn est un outil open-source léger facilitant le développement d'applications extensibles, réparties et multi-langages (implémentations Java et .NET disponibles). Astenn permet : Une définition simple de points d'extensions dans les applications ; Une collaboration entre extensions réparties sur plusieurs machines via SOAP, RMI ou .NET Remoting. Astenn est une solution simple et peu intrusive. Son noyau est petit et ne comporte aucune dépendances. Seule une JRE et/ou un env

Sumosgi - OSGI including R-OSGI, JMX and Spring Dynamic Module

OSGI including R-OSGI, JMX and Spring Dynamic Modul